Finding your inspiration– Sew Your Zierstoff

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking around the Zierstoff Patterns website while getting the Fun with Zierstoff events ready for this month and I keep finding more and more patterns I want to try.

Since I can’t barricade myself in my sewing room and shirk all responsibilities for two weeks to sew all I want. I’m going to share what I’m thinking about and some fabric inspiration. Maybe you’ll make one of these and I can live vicariously through you.

The biggest surprise to me is the HENRIKE. I always imagine jumpsuits working best for the tall and lanky and therefore NOT me, but I cannot stop looking at this one.

Dare I try it in some black brushed poly or this Navy & Pink Chevron?

I already have some leggings in this chevron, so I know it is awesome.
I already have some leggings in this chevron, so I know it is awesome.

I’m a big fan of hoodies, though I rarely pull the hood up. The EMIL hoody has a snap/button front opening for extra room and opportunities for added color.


Go classic with the Nautical Stripe French Terry paired with the Pearl Rayon knit as lining from Sew Vagabond.

EMIL fabrics 1

Go feminine with the Vintage Aviary French Terry paired with the Coral Pink rayon jersey as lining.

EMIL fabrics 2 collage

For the boys, I keep coming back to the DAVID.

I think my little guy would like this Black Heathered french terry and Spider Web jersey from Raspberry Creek Fabric.

David fabrics

And oh my, I love this new EVERY DAY bag.

This pink version is so cool, but how about a yellow microsuede paired with tanned leather handle and corners.






That’s what’s been on my mind this week.

Have you started sewing something for the Sew Your Zierstoff sewing contest? Participating will be fun and there’s a prize (details here)

To help you along, Zierstoff Patterns are 40% off with code VALENTINE40 until 2/28/17

As always, thanks for stopping by today.

Fun with Zierstoff -Giveaway Week


Welcome friends, I’ll be your M.C. for fun with Zierstoff Patterns over the next few weeks. We have some giveaways lined up and then a really fun event.



To start things off this week, Zierstoff is giving away two 10 Euro vouchers to Etsy. Oh the the goodies you’d be able to choose from: fabric, patterns, notions, or you know…anything.

One of the giveaway options is to complete a survey. The gals at Zierstoff would really like you to take a look around the Zierstoff site and share what you think, so I’m giving you extra entries for doing so and my sincere thanks too. Don’t be shy, take a good look.

Enter the GIVEAWAY here.

Make sure you’re following the mahlicadesigns blog so you don’t miss out on the fun that’s happening next.

Watcha’ Wearin’ January Layers

Welcome back to Watcha’ Wearin’ January, a blog tour all about inspiring you to get your sewjo back after the holidays. Our host, Sewing by Ti has bloggers lined up for almost everyday this month to help you along.

January is cold here in Colorado and I hate to be cold in general, so I’ve been wearin’ LAYERS.

I’ve been wearing my Melissa Cardigan from Zierstoff Patterns a lot. It’s the perfect fit for me and the collar gives me just a little extra coverage on the back of my neck.


Melissa Cardigan paired with a tee and skinny pants.


Melissa Cardigan paired with my Tonic Tee hack and Liana Jeans.

I’ve worn my new Paro Cardigan from Itch to Stitch four times since I made it a couple weeks ago.


Paro cardigan paired with rtw sweater and my Birkin Flares. This is not my favorite outfit honestly; the flare of the cardigan and the flare of the jeans are just too much.

Paro Cardigan

Much better with skinny jeans.

Last Sunday, I  wore my Capitol Hill dress from Straight Stitch Designs, tights and boots for church. Once we got home I layered on these hand knit slipper socks that I got in Kyrgyzstan years ago and really never worn. I’ve been afraid to mess them up by wearing them, but collecting dust on the shelf is no good either.


Yeah, we still have our Christmas tree. It’s coming down this week.


Typically I just pile on the layers with little care about making an outfit, but the pink flowers on the slipper socks go nicely with the dress so I’m counting this a combo that works.

Want more January inspiration? Please check out what this week’s bloggers have prepared for you.

Oh, and add what you’re wearing this January to the link up for a chance at the big prizes.
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As always, thanks for reading.

Wardrobe wishes for Watcha’ Wearin’ January

My wishlist for sewing is so much bigger than I can complete, can you identify? So I’m sharing my winter wardrobe ideas today in hopes that imagining them done and in my closet might trick my brain into being ok with not actually sewing them right this minute.

Let’s start with bottoms, as I am in serious need.

The Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It.

I have this crazy (for me) stretch denim that would be so fun.

Alina Sewing & Design Company’s Chi-Town Trousers. In this exact blue please…

Blue Dot Patterns’ Ally Skirt in red corduroy. I’ve been looking for the perfect red cord for months.

To wear with all my new bottoms:

The Parisette Blouse from Blousette Rose.

Vogue 9227, I want this one badly.

The TSE pullover from OKI Style.

The Geodesic from Blue Prints for Sewing. Can someone work out a hack to make this into a dress?

And because my winter pjs are ridiculous in so many ways:

Butterick 6428

For the other people that live with me:

The Jedediah Pants from Thread Theory.

The Carl Hat from Zierstoff Patterns.

The Gero Jacket from Zierstoff Patterns.

Now that the Holiday crush has abated, what’s on your sewing list?

I’ll be back next week with Watcha’ Wearin’ January…in the meantime you can see what other bloggers are sharing right now:

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Day & Night Dress Challenge is coming for you!

I have fun news to share with you!


Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This is hosting the Day and Night Dress Challenge in January and there will be a chance for you to participate for one of three cool prizes.

I’ll be participating in the blog tour (see more here) to start things off January 8 to January 14th.

The community challenge (see more here) takes place January 8th through January 28th.

Elizabeth has lined up an impressive group of sponsors and prizes for the competition. Check them out here!

I really hope you will sew along with us in the challenge and stop by to see what the lineup of bloggers has put together to inspire you.

Desert Isle Sew Tour with mahlicadesigns

Desert Isle teaser collage

Here’s this month’s thought provoking question from Sew20:

What one pattern would you want with you when stuck on a desert isle for a few weeks? Sewing supplies are unlimited.

I’m approaching from the perspective that I’m given an opportunity to spend a big chunk of time sewing while miraculously not needing to attend to food, water, shelter, or an escape plan. I guess all those episodes of Man VS. Wild won’t apply.

Initially I’m tempted by my stash patterns Simplicty 1430 or McCalls 6711. You can choose from tops, a dress, bottoms, and layering pieces. Big bang for your buck kind of patterns. I could stroll off that Desert Isle with a complete wardrobe.

Desert Isle pattern collage

I’ve already sewn up Cobalt Shorts, V Slit blouse, and charcoal shorts from S1430 and don’t feel I want to spend much more time with it right now.

S1430 collage

But wait, here’s another idea. The next big step in my sewing progression is to learn pant fitting. Simplicity 2562 is a good starter pattern for the process. The pattern has a variety of cuts to fit different shapes and supposedly walks through some fitting. I’m pretty sure I’ll get sick of sewing all pants all the time …

Simplicity 2562


So, McCalls 6711 is the winner! I want to walk away from my Desert Isle Sewing experience with a small capsule wardrobe and I can practice with those pants too.

Do you know what you’d bring along? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Please visit the other bloggers in the tour to see what they have to say about their Desert Isle Sew.


Use #desertislandsew on social media to play along!

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Real Life Real Sewing on mahlicadesigns

Real Llfe blog tour collage
There’s a discrepancy between the posed, polished and styled presentations we see on a lot of sewing blogs (o.k. not mine, but others) and the real daily life of sewing and wearing handmade, aptly referred to as The Sham of the Perfect. To strip away some of the false layer, today I’m going to be answering a few prompts about my process as part of the Real Life, Real Sewing blog tour hosted by Sew20.
What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?
I have a long list of things I want to sew and they pretty easily break down into two categories:  1. garments I want to make because I think they look cool and 2. garments I make because they serve some utility. When making my sewing plans I try to strike a balance between working from these two categories so that sewing stays fun and creative. Sometimes I have a small victory when the two happily meet.

Real life sewing collage

I’d like to look polished and cool wearing this funky jacket from BurdaStyle, but I reach for soft and comfortable like my Jasper Sweater from Paprika Patterns.
Is there anything you would like to (or wish you could) do differently when selecting projects?
I’m try to grow my blog followers by participating in a variety of sewcial activities; often when I choose to do these,  my sewing list gets rearranged and projects that I am excited about get pushed back. I took some time recently to reflect on how I’m approaching my sewing and hope to strike a more satisfying balance.
I’m also very guilty of making pieces without considering what I’m going to wear it with. I really need to focus on building outfits.

Real Life Sewing Utility collage

Recent makes from my utilitarian category that jumped the sewing queue. Not terribly exciting.
What is your most used/worn sewing project? 
My Jasper Sweater, Ann T, and Union St tee are what I reach for most. They are easy to wear but are also indicative of my wardrobe dilemma. I want to look polished, but I reach for comfy.

Real Life Sewing Most Worn Makes collage

Do you have a project that you thought would be used/worn frequently but just did not end up working out?
When I created my reversible Pin Peg Mini skirt I thought I had nailed it with creating a piece that could work all year round and had that edgy look that I like, but I’ve only worn it once. The skirt is meant to be body skimming but the two layers of fabric feel thick and it’s a little loose at the waist. My plan is to take it apart, take it in, and separate it out into two better fitting skirts.

Real Life Sewing Pin Peg collage

What is your favorite tip or quote that applies to sewing for real life?
Take your time and do it right! – I cringe at a lot of my early sewing projects because I took shortcuts to save on fabric or time and the results are sooo evident. Poor fit and poorly constructed are written all over them. These were not rookie mistakes, they were just bad decisions. Taking the extra time, using the right notions, and making test muslins have improved my sewing results more than I can measure.

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to show off?

You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media. You can also win one of two $25 gift cards. More details at Sew 20.

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