mahlica’s makes for women

2020 Creations

Gypsy Dress, Montavilla Dress, Toaster Tabor Mashup,

2019 Makes

Euler Bralettes, Phinney Ridge Cardigan, Tracey Bee Top, Lily Wrap Skirt, Parker Peplum Dress, View Ridge Top, Crossback Tracey Bee top, Underwood Tank Dress, Astoria Sweater & Pirate Pencil Skirt, Hepburn Turtlenecks, Chenille Sweater, Chi Town Skirt, Plaid Trousers

2018 Makes

Coffee House Pants, Cadence Pant, Flounce Dress, B6388 Top, Synthia Top, Shoreline Dress, M7628 dress, Lander Pants, Ladies Caroline Dress, Juliet Bodysuit, Dahlia Durango Greenwood Lago & Idyllwild Tanks, Lander Shorts, Tabor Vneck & Lander shorts, McCall 7351 shirtdress, Sail Away tank, Dana Top, Uvita Top, Michelle Cardigan & Robinson Trousers, Onyx shirt, Bonn Shirt, Lazo Trousers, Tessa Sweater Dress

2017 Makes

Capitol Hill Dress, Capitol Hill Dress, Paro Cardigan, ALIZIA tee, Modern boatneck, Comfy Cozy Pajamas,  Gypsy Dress, ALENA tee & NICKI Capris, Onyx Shirt & Ally Skirt, Toaster Sweater, Shoreline Boatneck, Sorbetto dress hack, Chi Town Chinos, Bronte Tee, Dahlia Tank,  Rose Circle Skirt, Cheyenne Tunic, B6388 DressChi Town Chinos, Toaster Sweater, Chi Town Chinos- modified, Brasov Wrap Top, Liana Jeans, Lisbon Cardigan, Georgia Top, Alyse Slim PantsSergeant Pepper Jacket

2016 Makes

Faux Leather Jacket, Zircon Sweater, Aurora Tee, Shoreline Boatneck, Butterick 6084, Lane Raglan, Easy Tee raglan, Sloan leggings,  Fur Sweater, Marigold Blouse,  Zamora Blouse, Lace Georgia, Marigold Dress, One Hour Top, Jade Skirt, Ally Skirt, Goldenrod Skirt, City Gym Shorts, Margo Blouse, V-Slit Blouse, Sarah Top, Chi- Town Chinos, Melissa Cardigan, Zircon Sweater, Julia Cardigan, Liana Jeans, Onyx Blouse, Svea Pants, Birkin Flares

2015 Makes

Ann T Top, McCalls 6559, Rose Tshirt, Plum PJs, Peasant Blouse, Orange Zip Skirt, Cobalt Shorts, Bonnell Dress, Lindy Petal Skirt, Banded Kirsten Kimono, Charcoal Shorts, Wendy Top, Jade Skirt, Pin Peg Mini, Jasper Dress, Asymmetric Tee, Drop Pocket Cardigan, Tonic 2 hack, Matilda leggings, Burda skirt, Georgia Top,  Velvet Shrug

2014 Makes

Kirsten Kimono Tee, Teal & Black Tee, Tonic 2 Tee, Frankie dress, Folded Front Skirts, Polly Top, Monk Collar jacket, Jasper w Hood, Jasper w Collar


Obi Belted Skirt, Split front Skirt, Sweet Treats Top, Sorbetto Top, The Waist Tie,Kanga Pocket Skirt, Rocchetta Wrap Skirt, Stripes Top, Rocchetta Alta Skirt, Spring Ruffle Top, Curvy Pintucked Skirt

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