Coffee and Cocktails with Elizabeth Made This

Today I have a guest post on the Elizabeth Made This blog about my creations for the Day and Night Dress Challenge.

Here’s a little sneak peek.

side by side collage

Please take a look at the full post at Elizabeth Made This.


ITS Love Blog Tour

My sewing friends today is the launch of the ITS (Itch To Stitch) Love blog tour.

Recently, Kennis Wong the designer behind Itch to Stitch Patterns returned to find her house thoroughly burglarized. While her fans were going bananas purchasing her patterns to help in her effort to raise funds, several of us thought it would be fun to do a blog tour to continue to support her. And hence the ITS Love Tour was born.

This week we’re showing our Love for ITS patterns and for Kennis by showcasing our favorite patterns new and old. We have tour sponsors that are showing their love and support for Kennis by donating a great collection of prizes for us to giveaway.

ITS Love Sponsor Graphic final

My hope is that you’ll follow along with the tour and if you’d like to lend your support you can do that by purchasing your favorite Itch to Stitch patterns from the shop.

Your ITS Love bloggers are

Monday: Sew Sophie Lynn, Merritts Makes, Sewing with Sarah, Sewing with D

Tuesday:   Shalini’s Blog, Auschicksews, Rebel and Malice, Sewing Vortex

Wednesday:  Replicate Then Deviate, mahlicadesigns, Sewing with D, The Petite Sewist,  kreamino

Thursday: Sewing Curves, Creative Counselor, Sew MariefleurFairies, Bubbles & Co, Sewing by Ti

Friday: Harper+Lu, MeMade, On Wednesdays We Sew, Heather Handmade, Bellevi,  and please visit by mooglii on IG

The ITS Love Tour sponsors have been so generous in support of Kennis of Itch to Stitch that we’ve been able to put together several prize packages to share with you.

First, you may enter our giveaway to win one of three prize packs:

Prize Pack #1 includes:

5 Itch to Stitch patterns

$25GC to Simply By Ti  

$50 Raspberry Creek Gift Card

$50 Bella Sunshine gift card

Prize Pack #2 includes:

$50 Knit Pop GC

$25 Designer Stitch GC

$25 Chalk and Notch GC

3 patterns of choice from Coffee And Thread

2 patterns of choice from Hey June Handmade

Prize Pack #3 Includes:

$15 Thread & Grain store credit

$25 Maker Mountain Fabrics GC

$40 So Sew English GC

3 patterns from Halla Patterns 

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Your second way to win is to share with us your recent Itch to Stitch creations (made between October and November 2017). Add your creations to our Link Up Party before Nov. 20th for a chance to win one of two prize packs.

LinkUp Prize Pack #1 includes:

5 Itch to Stitch patterns

 A $40 value PFRE Sly Fox Fabrics.

$25 Maker Mountain Fabrics GC

$50 Love Notions GC

LinkUp Prize Pack #2 includes:

$25 Stylish Fabric GC & sewing box kit

$25 Chalk and Notch GC

5 patterns from Rad Patterns

Pattern of choice from DG Patterns



Giveaway and Linkup prize winners will be announced on or abou

As always, love.


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Breaking Ground Blog Tour from mahlicadesigns

Welcome to the Breaking Ground Blog Tour. This week almost 20 bloggers have joined me to break new ground by trying a pattern designer that is new to them, with a focus on smaller indie designers. I also threw out an extra challenge to see who would break ground with new tecniques, styles, or whatever way they wanted to push themselves.

I’ll be posting here daily with teasers and links to each days bloggers and showing some of my Breaking Ground makes too.

Today we have:

Anne-Mari Sews,  Sewing By Ti,  Musings of A Seamstress,  Tenille’s Thread,  Couturious, Embrace Everyday,  Sewing A La Carte

BG Monday Teaser collage


The Full Tour:

Monday March 20- Anne-Mari Sews, Sewing By Ti, Musings of A Seamstress, Tenille’s Thread, Couturious, Embrace Everyday, Sewing A La Carte

Tuesday March 21- mahlicadesigns,  Kaleidothought,  Ronda B Handmade, Elizabeth Made This

Wednesday March 22- Rainy Day SewingAnne-Mari Sews, Sprouting Jube JubeSewing A La CarteTales of a Tester

Thursday March 23- mahlicadesigns, Lulu & Celeste, Very BlissfulSprouting Jube Jube, Ronda B Handmade, Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Friday March 24- Anne-Mari Sews, Tales of a TesterSewing By Ti, Musings of A Seamstress, Harper + Lu,  Sewing A La Carte

It seems like I’m constantly learning about new indie pattern designers and it can seem overwhelming to keep track of it all. I’ve recently added an Indie Pattern List to my blog to catalogue them all. I hope this will be a helpful resource for you.

As always, thanks for stopping by today.

Ahhhh spring, where are you?

I’ve been ready for spring since back in September when I started putting together my blog plans for 2016. Spring and summer are my seasons and I’m much more inspired by the season’s sewing too. My sewing wish list is pretty long, but I wanted to share my more realistic Spring/Summer goals.

What? What do you mean, it’s still February? If I want things to wear this spring I have to start now.

I’m planning to continue to work through my pattern stash, getting through a lot of them this year. Having the patterns I own on pinterest boards helps me plan out projects.

I have a few items I want to make to further my Spring/Summer Core Wardrobe. I need sleeveless and short sleeve tops in almost all of my Core Colors. A few knit tanks would be useful too.

I may do another version of my VS. series this spring. I’m thinking of changing the format just a little by doing a regular post on the projects that I plan to feature in the VS. series, so you can have more detailed reviews of the patterns.

And just a few things that I’m considering:

I’m very intrigued by multifunctional clothing. After watching this many times, I worked out how to copy it, but I’m not confident my machine can flatlock the pieces.

I keep going back to look through Ralph Pink’s patterns. So far I’m exercising self control.


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2015’s Resolutions and what’s up for 2016

So December of last year I decided to try something new, actually making resolutions for the next year to come. You can see my plan here.

Time to come clean. I’d say I did about 50/50 in accomplishing what I laid out to do. While I was far from completing the list of goals, I do have a good routine for working through it and keeping myself accountable and that’s half the battle for me. For 2016, I’m going to continue the momentum I’ve established.

Sewing Goals for 2015

In 2015 I’d like to learn how to make a lapped zipper and try fancy seam finishes.

Actual: Lapped zipper yes, twice; fancy seam finishes not really

Finish up Core Wardrobe

Actual: Lot’s of new pieces added but still more to come

Work on the UFO pile, finishing four in 2015.

Actual: One item given up for scraps.

Serious destashing of stuff I won’t use.

Actual: About 5 pieces given away, still more listed on Etsy and Facebook

Organization goals for 2015

Getting things neatly in a place they belong. Small bites at a time, one closet or bookcase per month.

Actual: Finished two of these off my list.

Unpacking boxes from our move. One box per month.

Actual: 8 boxes done and finding it hard to move all those boxes of books into the house.

Downsizing. I’ve got stuff that needs to go! One thing/batch per month.

Actual: Best results here, about 9 things/batches.

The obligatory 2015 resolution list

Every year about this time I scoff about people making resolutions for the New Year. Why waste your time when utter failure is coming your way in less than two months? I really should eat some humble pie because I feel like I’m in a constant state of trying to get my act together and never getting there. So really, I’m frustrated all the time, instead of one big dose of it in January or February. So this year I’m making some resolutions like everybody else.

I’m sharing my list to keep myself accountable and I know some of you have similar goals. We can partner together to encourage each other to get it done. I’m trying to be realistic here. Some of these goals need more than one year, but its about getting the habits started.


In 2015 I’d like to learn how to make a lapped zipper and try fancy seam finishes.

I already have a fair start on my Core Wardrobe resolution but need to finish it out.

Work on the UFO pile, finishing four in 2015. Below is one of my UFOs.

I need to do some serious destashing, there’s stuff in there that I’m just not going to use, but can’t bring myself to donate. I at least need to make a plan for getting rid of some of it.

Sister Suns quilt top
Sister Suns quilt top


Part one is getting things neatly in a place they belong. Small bites at a time, one closet or bookcase per month.

Part two is unpacking boxes from our move 1.5 years ago. They’re all in our garage and it would be nice to get both cars in there. One box per month.

Part three is downsizing. I’ve got stuff that needs to go! Not sure how to measure this other than one thing/batch per month.


Wouldn’t it be nice if everything lined up so nicely?

I’ll be giving updates on my facebook page. Follow me there if you want to see how I do and leave me a facebook comment if you are interested in helping each other on a similar goal.

Some inspiration: This week I emptied one box of books from the garage, gave away our really big artificial tree on Freecycle, and listed some destash items in one of my etsy stores, and got a couple things up on craigslist. Thats pretty impressive, for me.

Going Hard Core this Winter

Ooo, sounds edgy huh? I am so far from. Here’s the real deal, I’m planning out my core wardrobe. I’m using a couple cute graphics as my visual guide to fill in some gaps, but if you want to take the 12+ step program in developing yours check out Coletterie.

I’ve spent a little time over the last few months paring down my closet and evaluating the pieces. I have a decent sized stack of items to donate that I just don’t love or lets face it I’m not going to lose enough weight to fit.

Now, I have some problems to solve that came into view:

I have a bunch of skirts and tops that just don’t pair up with anything very well to make an outfit.

A few items need to be altered.

My body shape has changed.

My wardrobe screams business office.

What I do know:

I’d like my basic colors to be charcoal grey, black, and cream.

The tee’s I have fit terribly. I can’t believe I’ve put up with that for so long.

I’m down to just a couple pairs of pants that still fit.

Leggings will not be part of my core wardrobe.

I see about 12 outfits here. Not including the leggings.

The plan:

Evaluate body shape and find silhouettes that work for me.

Start filling in the gaps: 1. long sleeve tees. I have two fabrics in my base colors and high hopes I’ll find a pattern that fits right at the start. 2. I don’t own a longer sleeve dress for cooler months. I have a pattern picked but still on the hunt for a lightweight wool that is suitable.

Do a more thorough eval of existing pieces to figure out what I need to make them an outfit.

Reformat brain to sew outfits not pieces.

Work up some system so I know what pieces go together. I’m thinking hang tags with outfit options, I’m that befuddled.

Have you jumped on the core wardrobe bandwagon? Any imput for me?