About mahlica

Melissa portraitHi there. I’m Melissa, nickname mahlica, the creator of all things behind mahlicadesigns. I’m in my eighteenth year of happy marriage to my loving husband. God has blessed us with a sweet little boy, who teaches us new joys and frustrations. Our family also includes Macy, a snarky tabby cat.

I’m a self taught sewer. I learned the basics from my mother as a youth (thanks mom!), but really started in earnest just a few years ago.

I create to satisfy my desires for color, style, originality, and quality. I feature some of my creations on my Buy It! page as a source of income for my family.

This is my journal about my creative process. I hope you’ll find some inspiration, some help, and something you like.


I include construction time for most projects to give you an idea what you’re getting into if you’re inspired to make something for yourself. This is meant to be a reasonable estimation. I don’t include additional time that I have spent making fitting adjustments and finding the most efficient cutting layouts. Since I make extensive notes, I would not spend that time again the next time around. I also assume that others are not as compulsive about saving every inch of fabric.

7 thoughts on “About mahlica

  1. Hello Mahlica – wanted you to know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award! Details on my blog post!!!


  2. Hey Melissa!
    I’ve just started reading through your blog. What extensive details and instructions that you give! I’m not fabric crafty, but maybe one day! I love your skirts the best. Do (could you) make skirts in child sizes?


  3. Hi Melissa,
    I’m Jessica Nichols, and I’m the editor of FaveQuilts.com. I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you for a while to let you know that I featured on of your tutorials on FaveQuilts. You can see it here: http://www.favequilts.com/Quilted-Ornaments/Crazy-Quilt-Ornament/. I’d like to know if this is alright, and if it would be alright if I featured other tutorials from your blog on FaveQuilts this way. Please let me know! You can contact me at jnichols@primecp.com or through the FaveQuilts contact page.


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