Core Wardrobe


My wardrobe has been in a holding pattern since the birth of my son over two years ago. I dislike shopping and taking a little one along was an easy deterrent from the idea. I also felt a bit stuck on where to start. After evaluating and paring down my closet, I determined I have a lot of pieces that don’t pair up with anything else. I started to make a list of what I would need to make complete outfits and quickly felt overwhelmed by a list that was going to get pretty long. On hold again.

wardrobe-architect-2015I’ve seen the Core Wardrobe idea here and there and decided to go that route, starting with making basic pieces in neutrals that could be paired with almost anything.

I’m getting a little help from Vivienne Files and Collete’s Wardrobe Architect  2015.

So Far:

Core Neutrals are black, charcoal gray, and cream. I’m still unsure about the Core Colors I’m going to use. I love color and am having a hard time choosing a couple to be primary, but am leaning toward bike red and cobalt blue.

(My thoughts on the Core Wardrobe efforts of 2015 here.)

Fall/Winter Core Wardrobe Pieces…so far

Ann T, Jasper, Tonic 2 tee, Asymmetric Tee, Drop pocket cardigan, Faux leather jacket, .

Spring/Summer Core Wardrobe Pieces…so far

McCalls 6559, Kirsten Kimono Tee, Peasant blouse, Cobalt Shorts, Bonnell dress, Lindy Petal Skirt, Charcoal Shorts, Wendy top, Jade Skirt, Burda Skirt,

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