Day & Night Dress Challenge from mahlicadesigns

Have you been enjoying all the dresses on the Day and Night Dress Challenge blog tour this week? Here’s where to look if you’ve missed anyone.

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Tuesday, Jan 10th: Je’Tua of Robertswife, Meg of Cookin’ and Craftin’, Melanie of Its Melanie Darling
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Friday, Jan 13th: Melissa of Mahlicadesigns, Rachel of Sew Redy, Renata of Runnningnstyle, Sonja of Sewing ala Carte
Saturday, Jan 14th: Doja of Elewa blog, Judith of Judith Dee’s World, Tanya of Mrs. Hughes

When initially presented with the Day & Night Dress Challenge my plan was to not only have Day and Night looks but also have dresses with uses that were day and night too. A breezy colorful dress for summer and a reserved black dress for winter. Alas sewing room failures have led in a different direction. Instead I’m showing how to make a Day look and a Night look from one pattern.

My Night look took a little consideration. I very infrequently (read: once a year) go to events that call for a dressy look. My criteria in choosing the Capitol Hill Dress from Straight Stitch Designs was that 1. it is a long sleeve dress, of which I have none 2. made from knits offering versatility of use and 3. front pleat to add detail, but not too fussy for fabrics with visual interest.

I choose a sequined jersey from Colorado Fabrics to give the Capitol Hill it’s evening look.

I can wear this to the annual holiday party or a date night with my husband.

For my Day look, my plan was to make something breezy and colorful to take along to Cancun and I thought the Carkeek Dress from Straight Stitch Designs fit perfectly. Unfortunately the cotton batiste I chose just does not have the drape needed for the look. Fail, but I have a plan to save the fabric.

So I turned to my stash to make a Capitol Hill in a day look using this space dyed jersey I purchased from Finch Fabrics. The color really warms up my monochromatic winter wardrobe.

You can enter your Day and Night looks in the challenge here to win one of the prizes that Elizabeth has lined up.



The random drawing winner will receive:

19 thoughts on “Day & Night Dress Challenge from mahlicadesigns

  1. I love both your dresses. The Day Dress is so comfy and the evening is twirl and dance ready. Wonderful work on the neckline, those are usually tricky for me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! Your posing! THIS is how it should be done! You need to teach me a thing or two! You made those dresses work! Your night dress adds texture and shine to your pattern but your day dress adds colour – a great way to go about the challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like how the same pattern can give you 2 different looks depending on the fabric you choose. And speaking of fabric, I LOOOVE that night dress fabric! OMG! Great job on both!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love both of your looks and that pattern is just the style I need for a knit I have in my stash so I’m going to have to make a purchase thanks to you. That black knit is to die for. What a lucky find!

    Liked by 2 people

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