Fail February

Sometimes what we make is an utter catastrophe, so Rachel at Sew RED-y has declared it Fail February to pay homage to our failures, learn from them, have a laugh at ourselves, and give ourselves the freedom to move on from these mocking makes. Here’s just a few of my recent Fails. Enjoy.

When I think of Fail, my plum pjs are the first thing that comes to mind every time.

Frumpy pjs

The top is snug under the arms, the sleeves are a tad too short and the bottoms poof in the front. So frumpy, so purple, and oh so warm. These are my warmest pjs, so they are staying in rotation until I make something else.

We also have the Wendy Top.

Wendy Top

I struggled with making those corners on the inset. They don’t look sharp at all and it looks just a bit snug across the upper chest. This top was on my sew list for a long time and when I saw my pictures, I knew I should have left it there. This shape is just not me. Going to the giveaway pile.

After seeking some advice, I practiced making corners again with success and went on to make the Zircon Sweater.

Finally my Jasper Sweater Dress. Wrong wrong wrong fabric. This can happen when you buy online. I should have know better then to buy polyester, even with a  fancy name like quilted jaquard. There are fine fibers that feel like spider webs across the fabric and pill like crazy. The first day I wore it, it got two snags that I cannot work out. It’s a house dress for now.

Jasper Dress by mahlicadesigns

This just reinforced that natural fibers are the way to go for me.

Do you have some fails you want to share? Leave me a comment so we can laugh or cry together. Links welcome.

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