Sewing Space

I suspect my sewing room looks much like yours; overstuffed and a little messy. I’d much rather spend my time sewing than making my sewing room look like a magazine photo shoot.

My sewing room takes up half of our spare room turned office and sewing space.

The Stash and Storage


The Good:

  • I currently feel like I have enough space to work and for most of my stuff.
  • Natural light from a west-facing window for most of the day.
  • Hubby and I can hang together while we work, my little guy loves to play with my button jars and rearrange my shelves.
  • Most of the bad below can be fixed with a little organization work.

The Bad:

  • The bins under the table take up space for my legs when sitting at the machine.
  • Little guy often rearranges my shelves or just pulls and dumps on the floor. Argh.
  • Iron and pressing board are one room over, in the laundry.
  • One chair for office desk and sewing table. I pull chair from dining table if hubby and I need to work at the same time.
  • Fabric stash that needs a new home, stuff I’m just not going to use.

    The sewing table and storage chest

The Dream:

  • Someone to swap fabric with.
  • A more ergonomic set up.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Space

  1. Wow, it looks like you get a lot of great light! Before we had our house, I kept my pressing station in the bathroom across the hall in the bathtub since we never used that bathtub. It was definitely challenging, but it kept the ironing situation out of the traffic area of our toddler and it forced me to learn to be really efficient by saving up all of my pressing in batches instead of pressing each seam right as it’s sewn. You do learn to work with what you have and all the quirks and joys that go with that. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I absolutely have to be more efficient like you say. With a little more organizing I can get it all in one room, but that particular project is low on the list. Im still working on getting both cars in thd garage after moving last spring.


  2. I love my window. Wood peckers come to visit every spring. Is have a hard time Ina basement. But you work with what you get! A room is nice for sure. And yes we do have similar problems.


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