Fall Favorites 2017

Let’s dream big, shall we,

and pretend we can sew up all that our hearts desire this fall.

You’ve seen that I’ve already started my fall sewing, but there are still quite a few patterns I’m dreaming about for this fall.

Some interesting necklines please.

Isabella Jacket from DG patterns
McCalls 7628

Do I need more knit dresses for winter? YES


I think I can modify my Toaster Sweater pattern to achieve this look.


Something for the bottom?

Lander pants from True Bias

Finally something to top it all off.

Kerry Capelet from Designer Stitch


Please share with me what you’re dreaming of making this fall.

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today.


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3 thoughts on “Fall Favorites 2017

  1. I can see your point about the Isabella not working easily for a jacket, the low V would make it harder to style and wouldn’t keep in the warmth. I was envisioning wearing it as a top since I don’t think the zipper would bother me. I think this may need to be moved to my warmer weather plans.


  2. I’m really digging those Lander pants. The Isabella jacket/shirt is interesting, but I don’t like the idea of a chunky zipper on my skin for the shirt and the neckline leaves the neck exposed too much for a jacket! It’s such an interesting look, though.

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