It’s Christmas in July for the whole family

Some of you know that I plan my sewing way ahead, but one area that I totally let slip is Christmas sewing. Usually it’s the week before when I think about making something and quickly talk myself out of it as being way too late to take on more of anything.

Not this year though.

Banner collage

As a Sewing Portfolios Ambassador I was given the opprotunity to receive some of the Nutcracker line from Michael Miller fabrics. With little Christmas sewing experience, I admit I didn’t know what I was going to do to show case them. My husband suggested I make pj bottoms for the whole family (not realizing he’d have to be in the pictures) and I ran with it.

MMF family 5

If you’ve sewn with quality quilting cottons before, than you know what to expect from Michael Miller; a high density thread count, soft hand, and easy to press and sew. The Ornaments and Mini Overature fabrics have a gold metalic print that I’m so impressed with. After sewing, pressing, and several washings the metalic is still looking great. After disappointing results with other metalic fabrics, this was a pleasant surprise.

MMF mom closeup

MMF father closeup

In making my little guy’s pants I made a rookie mistake, but the fix ended up making them even cuter. Here’s what happened. I pulled out my Maxi pants pattern, but forgot that I was using the pattern pieces for the knit with negative ease not the woven version. To fix the crazy small pair of pants I made, I inserted a side stripe in hopes at redeaming the project and to mimic the look of the toy solders printed on the fabric.

MMF son 3

MMF son 1

I have a little bit of each fabric left over to make something else. I have my eye on making some numbered drawstring bags to count down the days to Christmas. Here’s hoping I don’t forget until the week before Christmas.

Patterns: The little guy is wearing the Maxi pants from Zirestoff Patterns, hubby is in S1605 view D, I’m wearing the Comfy Cozy Pajama shorts from Laela Jeyne.

As always, thanks for reading today.

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ELIAS and MAXI Show Your Stoff

Welcome to day three of the Show Your Stoff blog tour. We’re featuring  Zierstoff Patterns throughout the tour.

I’m one of several bloggers Showing My Stoff today, so please be sure to stop by and see what everyone has made and tell them what you think in their comments section.

Thread and ScissorsKaleidothought, Idle Sunshine, mahlicadesigns

Wednesday teaser collage

For my little guy, I’m drawn over and over again to patterns that have details built into them that I can colorblock or use contrasting colors with. The ELIAS tee and MAXI pants have both.

I paired this truck print from my stash with some turquios cotton lycra from Simply by Ti to get the look.

Elias 8

For my 4.5 year old who seems to be timing his growth spurts with me sewing him something new, I sized up to a 116 (5-6yr old) in the ELIAS and in the MAXIs. Now where is that growth spurt?

Elias 7

I found I needed to trim down the neckline of the ELIAS tee by 1/2 (front and back) for the tee to lay smoothly around the neck. All else about the tee goes together very easily and I love the look of the envelope neckband.

Elias 4

On the MAXI pants, I decided to do a hemed versus banded leg opening so I could extend the life of the MAXIs with a really deep hem that I can let out later. Without a contrasting band to break up the print, I added a turquois side stripe to do the job. This was extra fun as the little guy and I worked on his first try at sewing with me. I operated the foot pedal and helped him feed the fabric through the machine to topstitch along the stripes. He did really well and was so excited to show daddy. The practice scrap is still hanging on the art wall in his room.

Elias 6

My little guy tends to think a knit top and bottom equals pajamas, and with the fact that the top and bottom are so matchy matchy he may just end up being right about that. So is his new outfit destined for casual day wear or bedtime coolness? Time will tell.

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Zierstoff Patterns provided the patterns for the tour bloggers to use, no strings attached.

Lightning Tee for Petitboo Blog Tour

I’ve been doing a little better about spreading out the sewing love and sewing for my little guy. I’d like to share about the Lightning Tee from Petitboo Patterns (formerly E+M) that I made up recently for the PetitBoo Blog Tour to help promote their rebranding. (Discount code below)

Lightning tee IG label

The lightning tee was an easy pick for me because the lightning shape is so graphic and gives a superhero look; and there are all kinds of color blocking options in this shirt. The puppy heros fabric in my stash was just right to play off the graphic shape.

I’m so pleased with how it came out and can see using this pattern over and over again.

LIghtning tee 1 label

At first I was a little concerned that I picked a tough pattern with all those angles to sew in, but the bodice pieces are layered over each other and topstitched together instead. So easy.

To make sure I lined things up evenly, I used my chalk marker to mark the 1/2in seam allowance on one side and then lined up the raw edge of the other piece along the chalk line to get a perfect 1/2in overlap. I did just fine pinning and sewing along the topstitching lines of this seam, but I could see how something like Wonder Tape would work great here too.


I made a size 5/6 for my almost 5 year old and he has plenty of growing room as planned.

The hardest part of this pattern was picking out which colors to use where.

I have my eye on the Hemlock tee for boys too- another a colorblock tee with a nice buttoned shoulder and side split at the hem.

LIghtning tee 4 label

The Fabric: I paired my stashed print with a turquoise cotton lycra from Simply by Ti*. The cotton lycra from Simply by Ti worked perfectly for this project; it has good recovery, doesn’t curl up after being cut, and was easy to sew.  The front piece is topstitched together along the lightning zigzag and there was no problem with stretching or rippling of the cotton lycra. I had 1in of shrinkage in my one yard cut after washing cold drying low/med heat. There was some edge curling after washing but I find that to be normal.

LIghtning tee 5 label

I have a discount code for you from Petitboo etsy shop!

Use code: petitboo50 for 50% off in the etsy store.
Good from Monday (March 6th) 12:00 am to Friday 11:59 pm (March 10th).

Pettitboo Tour small

Please join my blogging friends for more from the Petitboo Pattern tour this week:



As always, thanks for visiting today!


Petitboo Patterns provided me a complimentary copy of the Lightning Tee pattern to use in the Petitboo Blog Tour.
Simply by Ti provided me a sample of her cotton lycra in exchange for a review. These are my honest observations of the fabric.

Dreamtime Jammies

It’s that time of year where Christmas sewing takes over and the to do lists pile high. I’m not into stressing myself out in that way, so I keep my Christmas sewing easy with just one obligation; Christmas Eve pajamas for my little guy.

Dreamtime Jammies

Flannel pjs using the Pajama Rama pattern from ShwinandShwin have been my standard, but I’ve mixed things up a bit by sewing a new pattern; the Dreamtime Jammies from Blank Slate Patterns.

Dreamtime Jammies

Are you sewing any pajamas this holiday? If you are, you can join the Pajama Linkup Party hosted by Pearberry Lane. (Ends 12/14/16)

The Fabric: Superhero Pups Interlock from I like that this knit is a little thicker for winter and has enough stretch to easily use for the cuffs and neckband on the pattern.

Dreamtime Jammies

The Pattern: I downloaded the free size 4 last year from Melly Sews. A full pattern in all sizes was released this fall on her Blank Slate Patterns store. I can’t really give a pattern review here since I didn’t look at the instructions. I’ve sewn enough tees and knit pants that I can just do it. I will say the fit is spot on for a size 4. (Too bad my 4 1/2 year old hit a growth spurt)

Dreamtime Jammies

Dreamtime Jammies

The Dreamtime Jammies should take you about 2 hours to make. I used about 1 yard at 60in wide.

Total Cost: $7      Pattern $0   Fabric $6      Notions $1


Little boy photoshoot outtakes

Giggle Monster:

Dreamtime Jammies

Yeti impersonation:

Dreamtime Jammies

“I keep falling down”

Dreamtime Jammies

Back to School Blog Tour with mahlicadesigns

O.K. my little guy just started preschool a couple months ago, so he’s not technically going Back to School this fall, but boy does he need some nice looking fall clothes for preschool and church.

Coatal Cargos label 2

I’m getting started sewing for this guy by using some untouched patterns from my stash.The first pattern to try out are the Coastal Cargos, a casual pant made a little dressier when made in a corduroy.

Coastal Cargos

The Pattern: Blank Slate Patterns are designed so that you can easily add or remove options to make the clothing you want. I found this to be true in the Coastal Cargos too. I eliminated the front pockets, belt loops, side stripe, and button tab used to secure a rolled up cuff. These are options my little guy won’t need for now. The smaller sizes of the pattern include elastic in the back portion of the waistband which is a nice feature.

Coastal Cargos

The Fabric: A light to mid weight stretch corduroy. The corduroy is a little heavier than the recommended fabrics, but worked just fine with a little extra care needed for turning and sewing through the thickness of the pocket flaps.

Coastal Cargos

The Response: I really like how they came out and the pattern is super cute. The little guy is less than enthusiastic. This was our conversation the first time he tried them on:

Me: Do you want to try on the pants I just made you.
Little Guy: Definitely not.
A few moments later…pants are on.
Me: Aren’t these nice, do you like them?
Little Guy: I’m done


He was only just slightly more cooperative for taking photos. Well, that’s kids for you. I’ll keep trying.

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Easter Egg pajamas for Spring Break PJ Tour at mahlicadesigns

Getting a new set of pajama’s has always made me feel good and since so many of us have fond memories of getting pajamas for Christmas, I bet you feel the same. I make my little guy pajamas every year as a Christmas Eve present, but just kinda wing it when it comes to spring and summer. No longer.

Easter PJs feature

I started with the free Christmas Raglan PJ pattern from Melly Sews. With a little alteration, I made my little guy a spring version.



I removed about 9.5in in length from the legs to make shorts, shortened the sleeves to about 3in length, and omitted the ribbed cuffs. Using self fabric worked just fine for the neckband too, though you’ll want to check the stretch in your fabric before you make a shirt you can’t get over the head, ask me how I know.



I was planning to stencil a cute sleepy time saying on the shirt, but little guy set his mind on Easter eggs, a year long favorite for him; and perfect timing. I simply downloaded a free image and used the freezer paper method to make my stencil.

The Little Guy loves his pajamas and the Easter eggs. I already have my eyes out for fabrics to make a Christmas version of the pattern.

With all this pajama inspiration, what pajamas are you adding to your sewing plans?

There’s still time for you to enter to win prizes in the Spring Break PJ Tour.


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Bucket Hat and Rohan Hoody, a taste of warm and cool weather

This month I planned ahead to participate in Kid’s Clothes Week and Sew Your Pattern Stash. That planning was worth the effort, but I still missed the KCW deadline by a mile. Oh well.

KCW challenges you to sew one hour a day for one week as an encouragement to sew up clothing for kids. This season’s theme was upcycling. Awesome, I have two sacks of items waiting for a purpose.

First up, the reversible bucket hat, a free pattern from Oliver + S; utilizing an old tee and a button down from daddy. We’re taking a sunny vacation soon, so a brimmed hat with an absorbent lining was just the ticket. It came out well except that my little one whips it off his head immediately.


Second project in line was the Rohan Hoody from Crafty Kitty. I upcycled a purple tee and used some remnant sweatshirt fleece from my stash. I modified the pattern to include a zipper front. I simply added 1/2in to the CF to be the seam allowances for the zipper and cut out as two pieces (instead of one piece on the fold). I also used a seam finish (pictured later) to give the neckline seam a neat look.

Even though I planned ahead pretty well, I came to a stop midweek when I decided the hoody needed a purple zipper to go with the lining of the hood.


Since I had a little extra time to work on this before I could get out for a matching zipper, I used more of that purple tee to cover the seam at the neckline.


I also added an edge finish to the hems on the sleeves to peak out when the cuffs are rolled up. I made this hoody a couple of sizes too big so the little one can wear it more than one season, so I’m sure that detail will make an appearance.


So, here I am all finished well past the official KCW, but so what. I have two items my little guy needs, I used up fabric from my stash and used patterns I already owned for the Sew Your Pattern Stash challenge.


The bucket hat should take you about an hour to make.

The Rohan Hoody took about three hours to make.