KCW Project One (and only): The Prepster Pullover

Kids Clothing Week Project One (and only).

Plan: Basic Blazer, PJs, seatback cover, monster pocket sweatshirt

Actual: Prepster Pullover


Plan was to work up a blazer to match these clean slate pants for my little guy to wear to my grandfathers memorial service at the end of August. So here’s where my plan falls all apart. While I think it would be a super cute outfit, a blazer and pants in the August heat and humidity of Michigan just sounds mean. Plus I don’t see it getting worn much else and if I’m going to spend the effort it’s got to be worn a lot.


So on to plan B, the Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns. I used the last of this light weight green gingham that I used as an accent on the pants. Yeah stash busting. Now I have a cute outfit that definitely works for the memorial service and will get repeated wear on Sundays to church or anywhere else I want to pull out the adorable factor.


This was my first mens style shirt. A monk collar, half-length placket, flat felled seams, and shoulder yoke were all new processes for me. There was nothing terribly difficult about the pattern but all the details definitely took some time and patience.  I typically work as fast as possible to blaze through a pattern, but I really wanted to take my time to get it right. Total time to make was 5.5 hours.


Now for the rest of my list, well, I just spent all of my time on the shirt and the rest of the plans go into the queue for a later time.


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