ELIAS and MAXI Show Your Stoff

Welcome to day three of the Show Your Stoff blog tour. We’re featuring  Zierstoff Patterns throughout the tour.

I’m one of several bloggers Showing My Stoff today, so please be sure to stop by and see what everyone has made and tell them what you think in their comments section.

Thread and ScissorsKaleidothought, Idle Sunshine, mahlicadesigns

Wednesday teaser collage

For my little guy, I’m drawn over and over again to patterns that have details built into them that I can colorblock or use contrasting colors with. The ELIAS tee and MAXI pants have both.

I paired this truck print from my stash with some turquios cotton lycra from Simply by Ti to get the look.

For my 4.5 year old who seems to be timing his growth spurts with me sewing him something new, I sized up to a 116 (5-6yr old) in the ELIAS and in the MAXIs. Now where is that growth spurt?

I found I needed to trim down the neckline of the ELIAS tee by 1/2 (front and back) for the tee to lay smoothly around the neck. All else about the tee goes together very easily and I love the look of the envelope neckband.

On the MAXI pants, I decided to do a hemed versus banded leg opening so I could extend the life of the MAXIs with a really deep hem that I can let out later. Without a contrasting band to break up the print, I added a turquois side stripe to do the job. This was extra fun as the little guy and I worked on his first try at sewing with me. I operated the foot pedal and helped him feed the fabric through the machine to topstitch along the stripes. He did really well and was so excited to show daddy. The practice scrap is still hanging on the art wall in his room.

My little guy tends to think a knit top and bottom equals pajamas, and with the fact that the top and bottom are so matchy matchy he may just end up being right about that. So is his new outfit destined for casual day wear or bedtime coolness? Time will tell.

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As always, thanks for visiting the bloggers on the tour.

Want to Show Your Stoff too, use code MahlicaDesigns30 to save 30% off Zierstoff Patterns during the month of April.


Zierstoff Patterns provided the patterns for the tour bloggers to use, no strings attached.

13 thoughts on “ELIAS and MAXI Show Your Stoff

  1. I agree on the PJ front! Worn together they definitely look like PJ’s to me too. Maybe paired with a plain top or bottom they could become casual day wear

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