Ahhhh spring, where are you?

I’ve been ready for spring since back in September when I started putting together my blog plans for 2016. Spring and summer are my seasons and I’m much more inspired by the season’s sewing too. My sewing wish list is pretty long, but I wanted to share my more realistic Spring/Summer goals.

What? What do you mean, it’s still February? If I want things to wear this spring I have to start now.

I’m planning to continue to work through my pattern stash, getting through a lot of them this year. Having the patterns I own on pinterest boards helps me plan out projects.

I have a few items I want to make to further my Spring/Summer Core Wardrobe. I need sleeveless and short sleeve tops in almost all of my Core Colors. A few knit tanks would be useful too.

I may do another version of my VS. series this spring. I’m thinking of changing the format just a little by doing a regular post on the projects that I plan to feature in the VS. series, so you can have more detailed reviews of the patterns.

And just a few things that I’m considering:

I’m very intrigued by multifunctional clothing. After watching this many times, I worked out how to copy it, but I’m not confident my machine can flatlock the pieces.

I keep going back to look through Ralph Pink’s patterns. So far I’m exercising self control.


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