KCW Project One (and only): The Prepster Pullover

Kids Clothing Week Project One (and only).

Plan: Basic Blazer, PJs, seatback cover, monster pocket sweatshirt

Actual: Prepster Pullover


Plan was to work up a blazer to match these clean slate pants for my little guy to wear to my grandfathers memorial service at the end of August. So here’s where my plan falls all apart. While I think it would be a super cute outfit, a blazer and pants in the August heat and humidity of Michigan just sounds mean. Plus I don’t see it getting worn much else and if I’m going to spend the effort it’s got to be worn a lot.


So on to plan B, the Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns. I used the last of this light weight green gingham that I used as an accent on the pants. Yeah stash busting. Now I have a cute outfit that definitely works for the memorial service and will get repeated wear on Sundays to church or anywhere else I want to pull out the adorable factor.


This was my first mens style shirt. A monk collar, half-length placket, flat felled seams, and shoulder yoke were all new processes for me. There was nothing terribly difficult about the pattern but all the details definitely took some time and patience.  I typically work as fast as possible to blaze through a pattern, but I really wanted to take my time to get it right. Total time to make was 5.5 hours.


Now for the rest of my list, well, I just spent all of my time on the shirt and the rest of the plans go into the queue for a later time.

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Kids Clothing Week 2014…my plan

Allrighty, its my first time participating in a sew along of sorts. July 21 through 27 is Kids Clothing Week where participants are challenged to sew 1 hour a day for 7 days.

kid's clothes week

Here’s my ambitious plan. Ambitious because I have a toddler that has decided to boycott naptime of late and because I several ideas but have not been as OCD about making sure I have the materials to complete these projects (running off to the fabric store is not as easy as it used to be).

Okay now for my plan, lets see how I actually do.

Project One: Boys Basic Blazer from Blank Slate Patterns

I’ve made pants and a tee from Blank Slate Patterns before and they are a dream to use. I actually have all the materials I need for the blazer except for the buttons. I have a pretty good stash of buttons, so I have high hopes for this project.

Project Two: Winter PJs. Bottoms using Clean Slate Pants by Blank Slate Patterns; Top tbd.

100_3343Here’s my version of the Clean Slate Pant.

I have some charcoal grey and robins egg blue fleece in my stash to use up for the pjs. I have just enough charcoal to make the pants without pockets if I use a bit of the blue as a side stripe and I’m hoping enough of the blue to do a simple top. I give this project about 50/50 chances.

Project Three: Activity Station/Seat Saver

Something like this from 8th Day creations.

Not that we have a super fancy or even super clean car but it grates on me when I hear my little guy’s shoes sliding against the back of our leather seats. I’m hoping something like this will be great for little guy and nerve saving for mommy. I have no ideas on what fabric in my stash to use or what kind of pockets I’ll need. This will definitely be a winging it project. I’m NOT a wing it type of person so maybe not so nerve saving for mommy. I’ll give this one 50/50 also. I don’t think it will be difficult to execute, once I figure out fabric and a basic plan.

Project Four: Monster in the Pocket sweatshirt.

I’m thinking a basic long sleeve sweatshirt with a large zip pocket across the tummy. The pocket lining would be black with a couple friendly monster eyes peaking out.


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Thread Boutique Denver

100_3444Last week I announced that I will have a sampling of my skirts in the Thread Boutique in Denver. Thread features hand made items from local artists and makers.

100_3459 100_3460 100_3461 100_3465 100_3462My photos show just sampling of a great variety of items in the shop. Be sure to check out this charming place the next time your in downtown Denver. Why not on Friday’s for Happy Hour featuring snacks and wine and meet some of the artists featured in the shop? Why not on the way to the next Rockies game? Thread is located at 1227 21st St. just a few blocks from Coors Field.

100_3443Oh hey! Like the skirts I’ve been talking about? Watch my etsy store in the coming weeks for some new things or convo me for a custom item.

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mahlicadesigns is now at Thread: A Denver Handmade Consignment Boutique

Were you able to guess what’s up from last times little teaser?


Folded Front skirt in navy w/ orange

I’ve been working on a small selection of Folded Front skirts to go on sale at Thread in Denver.


Medium Folded Front skirt in Navy w/ yellow

The Folded Front skirt is a high waist wrap skirt that features draping across the front and interesting folds at the button closure.

100_3444The waist line can be folded over to reveal the colorful lining, and why wouldn’t you want to do that since it plays off the buttons so well?


Small Folded Front Skirt in Navy w/ Cornflower

I used these three coordinating cotton prints from my stash for the linings that peak out at the waistline. Each skirt is still one of a kind, but there is also continuity that will display nicely in the store.

100_3433 - Copy-001100_3447

Check out my new labels.


Check back next week for a little more on Thread.

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Want a sneak peek?


I’ve been working on a project for the last week or so. Here’s a teaser until I can reveal more.


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Is Denver’s mini Maker Faire for you?

A few weekedends back I took a break from a three day CreativeLive course and hoped on over to Denver’s first mini Maker Faire with my toddler in tow.

I wanted to share my impressions of the Faire from the perspective of a sewer and arts and crafts maker.

About ten percent of the Faire booths were makers that would fall into my traditional areas of interest; Cei Lambert a fiber artist and designer with his loom, the Denver Sewing Collective with a few sewing projects to make and take home, Craftsy educator Carol Ann Waugh, Revive Gifts offering upcycled steampunk items, and some bobbin lace makers.

The Faire also featured quite a bit of technology related makers. I saw a lot of booths related to 3D printing, from companies offering their services, groups selling printers and 3D items, and a few make your own hackers. Robotics, technology and sculpture, laser and water cutters, and custom bike builders just to start.

I was really encouraged by a great number of booths that were education focused and most had activities for kids. My little guy was still a little small for most of the activities, but I think in a few years we could have much fun together.


All in all, as a crafty person I will pass on attending the Faire again. When my boy is a bit older, I think it will be a great experience for him.


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Curtain Challenge

I just finished up some curtains for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They purchased an older home, built long before the modern love of closets, so they built a closet into a small alcove in their bedroom and will hang the long curtain panels as the closure.

The challenge for me was that the fabric provided necessitated that I sew two pieces together vertically to make each panel. So, how to make a long vertical seam line look intentional? I thought about how to use the narrower vertical piece as an accent or border in some way, but honestly did not want to invest the amount of time needed to design and execute some sort of fabric painting or printing.  I landed on an idea to use running stitches with embroidery thread, and sketched out a simple geometric pattern that I thought would work with some of the southwest and Ikat design elements and colors in the room.


I also wanted to use this project as an opportunity to try French seams and mitered corners, techniques I had not used before. These took a little longer but definitely made the finished project much nicer.


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