Curtain Challenge

I just finished up some curtains for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They purchased an older home, built long before the modern love of closets, so they built a closet into a small alcove in their bedroom and will hang the long curtain panels as the closure.

The challenge for me was that the fabric provided necessitated that I sew two pieces together vertically to make each panel. So, how to make a long vertical seam line look intentional? I thought about how to use the narrower vertical piece as an accent or border in some way, but honestly did not want to invest the amount of time needed to design and execute some sort of fabric painting or printing.  I landed on an idea to use running stitches with embroidery thread, and sketched out a simple geometric pattern that I thought would work with some of the southwest and Ikat design elements and colors in the room.


I also wanted to use this project as an opportunity to try French seams and mitered corners, techniques I had not used before. These took a little longer but definitely made the finished project much nicer.


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Pieced Coasters

After moving into a new home last summer, the list of little things we need just doesn’t seem to get any shorter, even after making some coasters this week.


I’m sure you’ve seen coasters like these all over Pinterest and I believe there’s a book out there with instructions, but who needs that.

I used a pieced strip that was extra from a quilt project, reworked it a bit to get 4.25in squares and then cut them into 4.25in circles. I grabbed some 4in felt circles that were in my UFO stack for something else and used those for the batting. I also used up a few additional scraps for the backs.

I’m sure this never happens to you, but when they were all finished I had an oh shoot moment. Look how the yellow-green of the single fold binding is too light.


Thankfully, I happened to have my fabric paints out for another project I’m working on. With about ten minutes of TV time I had the binding all fixed up.


I didn’t keep track of my time like I usually do, but this project should take you an afternoon.

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The Clean Slate Pant

Thanks to a lot of hand me downs and grandma volunteering at the thrift store, my LO is pretty well stocked for clothes. Gone is the idea that I would make most of his wardrobe, but thankfully there is opportunity to fill in some gaps. This week I worked up some trousers using the Clean Slate Pant pattern from Melly Sews and used a linen with a greenish cast and a green checked cotton from my stash to do it.


LO seems to out grow his pants in length long before the waist, so I modified the pattern just slightly to add a contrast cuff that I could fold up to start and then fold down as LO gets longer. The pattern includes a 1.5in hem allowance. I reduced that down to a 0.5in seam allowance and added a 1.5in finished cuff instead. Supper cute and a great idea. Its too bad I didn’t check the finished length on the pattern to see that they would be way too long for my little shorty. Whoops.


To add extra sweetness and to tie in the contrasting cuffs, I used the same green checks for the pockets. The project took me two and a half hours all together.


This is the second pattern from Melly Sews that I’ve used. I’d recommend her patterns for sure. She gives clear instructions and has good pictures to help you along; plus she’s an indy pattern maker.


I originally pulled out this linen to make a sorbetto dress for myself, but as pale as I am its not a good color for me to wear. I’m pretty tempted to go ahead with the dress and use the green checks as bias tape trim on the inside neckline. Wouldn’t we be such a cute mommy and son pair? I should stick to my first thought though, since he’ll outgrow these pants in a blink of an eye and I’ll still have a dress that makes me look washed out.

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The Blank Tank

Melly Sews first offered her Blake Slate Basics pattern set about two years ago, just at the time we found out that we would have a baby boy.

I’m so glad that I bought the Blank Slate Basics as a set, they really are a great value. Melly has really put together great instructions and pictures. I’m already lining up more projects to use her patterns for my little guy.


I’ve worked up the blank tank pattern by upcycling one of my husband’s too holey tee shirts. I can’t think of a better use for his old tees than to make this so easy to put together top for baby.

 Thanks to lots of hand me downs and grandma’s thrift shopping, LO already has a full summer wardrobe for this year. Thinking ahead (how unusual), I made the tank for summer 2015 in a 3T. Plenty of room to grow into.

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Hedgies Double Snuggle baby quilt

100_3326I just finished up another double snuggle quilt to add to my etsy store.


I was immediately drawn to the hedgehogs and little brown bears. Oh my, aren’t they so cute?


If my little brown bear didn’t already have so many quilts, I would keep this one for him.

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The Polly Top

I’ve had a really productive month, so stay tuned for future posts featuring some of my work.  It feels great to get some UFOs (unfinished objects) knocked out, to work on some stash busters, and to wrap up some of the mending and utility sewing that just piles up.

I came across this little cutie while scouring Pinterest for top patterns to give my summer wardrobe a little pick up.


This is the Polly Top, a free pattern download from By Hand London.

I was drawn to the simplicity of the silhouette and wanted to try out how the shaped piecing of the contrasting front worked instead of darting around the bust.


I chose these silkie fabrics to use up some of my stash and hoped it would be a good layering piece under my monk collar jacket.

For the top edge of the contrasting front piece to fall on my bust in a flattering way, I had to shorten the shoulder strap length about 1.5 inches and adjusted the underarm scythe down about an inch also. Pretty easy fitting.


The neck and arms are finished with bias binding of the same material. I pressed my binding in half and then again with the edges folded in to make it easier to attach and fold over the raw edges of the top. This was well worth the extra few minutes of pressing time, since I’m certain it gave me a much neater result. The whole project took me just under four hours.

I’m definitely going to use this pattern again to make another summer top in a light weight cotton.

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Double Snuggle baby quilts

100_3178My new Double Snuggle baby quilts are underway for my esty store.


I’m using adorable and cuddly flannels to create super snuggly quilts for baby.


My little snuggler just loves them.


These quilts make great gifts too.


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