Holi-Daze Wrap Up

Holi-Daze week has come to an end. It was fun to see the variety in what we’re making.

Some of my favorites are:

Ashley’s Crepe dress

Cindy’s cape

And now for a reminder, we have just a few more days to enter your items for the Fabulous Fall week contest.

4 Tips for sewing Big Time for Holi-Daze week.

Every now and then we are blessed with an extra long holiday weekend, so I’d like to share my strategies to help maximize your sewing time.

Tip #1 Make your plan

I peruse my Pinterest boards and my “to list” to focus in on what I want to work on. I try to pick items that are similar enough that I can work through them quickly without having to think too much about what I’m doing. Be realistic about how much time you have and how much you can get done.

Tip #2 Be Prepared

Get your patterns traced & cut, fabrics washed, & make sure you have the notions required. Get organized. Put your patterns together with their fabric and notions.

Tip #3 Batch your processes

Do all your cutting at once. If you’re making multiples of one pattern, layer the fabrics and cut them at the same time. Sew similar seams at the same time. If you’re making a pile of tees for example, sew all the shoulder seams in your stack then sew in all the sleeves in your stack and so on.

Tip #4 Be Speedy

Chain stitch and skip the pins if you can. If you can stand to, don’t trim your threads as you go, instead have a trimming session as the last step. Avoid re-threading your machines, instead use neutral thread colors that can work on most or all of your projects. I use gray thread by the cone-full. (Check out Sarah‘s tips for Speedy Sewing)

Bonus Tip:  Say No To UFOs

To make my sewing room UFO free has been¬†a give and take process.¬†A¬†couple years ago I¬†committed to making one project at a time, from cut to finish,¬†and have almost entirely eliminated new UFOs. I do not pre-cut multiple projects (unless I know I’m absolutely committed to making them) knowing that I give up some efficiency in my sewing time, but I gain the freedom to change my mind about the next project on my list.

The only hitch in my “No To UFOs” plan is occasionally running into an issue that I cannot solve without some input. I give myself the freedom to start and finish another project while getting help on the¬†problem and then I finish it off.


Are you wondering what I made over the holiday weekend? Well to be honest, not very much. Weekends are family time and rarely do I get to sewing, but I did finish a Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan for my Core Wardrobe.

Drop Pocket Cardigan 1
Drop Pocket Cardigan from Jalie patterns

Holi-Daze week begins

Holi-Daze week begins today.

If you need a reminder, here’s what Holi-Daze is about:

Holi-Daze is Monday September 7th ‚Äď Sunday September 13th

It’s Labor Day, time to show off your holiday wear (summer or upcoming holidays) and those special things you make with some extra time the holiday weekends provide.

I have a Holi-Daze Party page set up were you will find all the details for this weeks theme and the Holi-Daze Linkup party.