Plum Blossom crocheted brooch


I really enjoyed making a crocheted brooch as a gift this Christmas.


This was the perfect project to work on during baby’s nap time.

Do you have any go to projects for short bursts of free time?

Crochet necklace tutorial by mahlicadesigns

I thought I’d make a quick and easy crochet necklace for a girlfriend’s birthday.

Here’s how to do it.

Supplies: Bernat Matrix trellis yarn or similar. Size J or similar crochet hook. One coordinating button. Scissors.

Measure out a 12 inch tail of your yarn and then make your slip knot to begin your crochet. Simply chain stitch for 15 inches. Keeping your hook in the last chain, measure out another 12 inches and cut your yarn. Pull your 12 inch yarn tail through your last loop to secure your chain and remove your hook. Repeat this process to make three strands for your necklace.

Group your three strands together and make a knot at the beginning and end of your chains.

To make a closure, we will add the button and create a loop. Thread one side of your yarns through your button. I had no problem fitting three yarns through a standard button. Now drape your necklace around your neck to a length you would like and adjust the button along the yarns to fit at the back of your neck. Make a couple knots to secure your button and trim the excess yarn. For the loop, measure the length of your yarns to match up to your button side, make a loop around your button to make sure it will fit and knot off your loop. Trim your excess yarn.

The Water’s Edge cuff by mahlicadesigns

I can’t bear to toss my scraps, I’ve said this before, and as evidence you’ll find several projects on my blog that use left over fabric from other projects.

I’ve worked up another version of a wrist cuff using some oatmeal colored linen and embroidery floss, this time experimenting with some stitching lines.

I’m thinking of using this type of accent stitching at the bottom hem line of a curved front wrap skirt.

And look, I’ve already used some of my newly found buttons.

I’ll be adding these to my etsy store.

The H-I Def Cuff by mahlicadesigns

I can’t bear to toss my scraps, so I’m constantly on the look out for ideas to use them up. I really like the idea of making cuffs to use up small pieces and experiment with new techniques. In my first go at making a cuff I used Leigh Ann Tennant’s Alter Ego cuff pattern to combine the H and I shapes to interlink into an interesting under over effect.

After sewing and turning each piece, I top stitched the “H” shape. I then layered the pieces and top stitched the “I” piece attaching it to the “H” piece at the corners at the same time. This took a little maneuvering to hold the “H” piece out of the way as I top stitched the middle portions of the “I”.

Finally, I attached two snaps for closures. You can see in this pic how the topstitching of the “I” piece caught the “H” piece at the corners.

  I’ll be adding the H-I Def cuff to my Esty store.