How to make a monogram top for baby by mahlicadesigns

I came across a really cute appliqued top by Dana at made and was inspired to make a monogram onesie for the new guy on his way to our family. Since the Onesies I purchased came in a 5 pack, I’m challenging myself to use them all in a creative way. Let’s see how I do.

Here’s how to make the monogram.

Notes: You can skip the fusible part and attach the letter directly to the top using your outlining stitches in the step starred below**

Supplies: Onesie or other top, craft felt approximately 2in by 2in,  embroidery floss, fusible interfacing**, letter templates, fabric marking tools, large eyed needle, scissors, iron.

Choose a letter template that fits the area on your top or trace it out free hand. Place your letter template (right side down) onto the wrong side of your craft felt, trace the outline, and cut out your shape. Repeat this step for the fusible interfacing, the non-fusible side should be face up when looking at your letter.

Now, start adding running stitches to the interior of your letter using the embroidery thread. Fill up the middle area first, we will use the last row of running stitches along the outer edge to baste on your interfacing. This is a great way to use up those short lengths of threads you’ve been keeping.

I placed all my knots to the back, but you could have them on the front for more texture if you like.

Attach the fusible interfacing to the back of your letter using one last row of stitches around the outer edge of your letter. **(Alternately you can use this last row along the outer edge to attach the letter directly to the top and skip the fusible.) All those knots should now be covered and the fusible side should be facing out.

Center your letter onto your top and pin in place. Set your iron to the setting recommended for the fusible interfacing. From the inside of the top, press to fuse the letter in place.

These instructions and your finished project are intended for personal use, please do not resell.


Tre Fiori Broach

Recently my sister-in-law came home with a dress that was just the right price, but needed a little something extra.

I worked up the Tre Fiori Broach by starting with a couple of flowers that I had made in the past, felted a third flower, and created a new assemblage.

Let’s see if she likes it.

Flower Season choker

I created my own needle felted flower and leaf to create the Flower Season choker that can be worn in several ways; choker, necklace, bracelet, or hair band.

Successes: The elements went together easily and it is as stunning as I had hoped.

Lessons Learned: Waxed cotton cord is not my favorite. I might use an organdy ribbon in the future.

Starfish Needle Felted Necklace

I wanted to create a fun and out of the ordinary necklace/collar and work on my needle felting skills. I hand cut the starfish and needle felted the individual pieces to create a unified necklace.

I like the color combination and feel I accomplished the fun  piece that I was going for and I learned that I need to be careful in felting two contrasting colors together.

I need to do a little more to finish this piece.