Pieced Coasters

After moving into a new home last summer, the list of little things we need just doesn’t seem to get any shorter, even after making some coasters this week.


I’m sure you’ve seen coasters like these all over Pinterest and I believe there’s a book out there with instructions, but who needs that.

I used a pieced strip that was extra from a quilt project, reworked it a bit to get 4.25in squares and then cut them into 4.25in circles. I grabbed some 4in felt circles that were in my UFO stack for something else and used those for the batting. I also used up a few additional scraps for the backs.

I’m sure this never happens to you, but when they were all finished I had an oh shoot moment. Look how the yellow-green of the single fold binding is too light.


Thankfully, I happened to have my fabric paints out for another project I’m working on. With about ten minutes of TV time I had the binding all fixed up.


I didn’t keep track of my time like I usually do, but this project should take you an afternoon.

The Wasp Bag


My latest project is the Wasp Bag pattern by machen/machen.

I  had enough remaining fabric from the two year camera bag to make my sister another bag and she chose this really cute one.


The pattern instructions were pretty easy for the most part, though the pocket opening ended up with an exposed seam. With a little reworking I got the pocket corrected and this bag was done up in a snap.


I found the process for pressing and pinning to match up the tear drop shape on the handle pieces very tedious and inaccurate. I would recommend that you just sew that portion, turn, and then line up the straight edges of the handles for topstitching following her instructions. I think you would get a much nicer finish to that part of the bag.

The two year camera bag

100_3136I see it as a gift to be able to use my skills on behalf of my family and friends. Often though, I have to take full advantage of the grace that flows between family members. My sister asked for this bag well over two years ago; before pregnancy, a newborn now a toddler, and a move. She has graciously waited.


Now that I’m finding a little more time to pursue my creative interests again, I’m feeling really good about getting some neglected projects done.


This camera bag was inspired by a bag my sister found on etsy but could not afford. I worked out the pattern and instructions myself, though I would tweak it a bit if I make another one.

Crazy Quilted Tree Ornaments

ImageI’m so glad to finally have something new to share with you. Now that I’m getting settled into a new house and the new baby is not so new anymore, its time to refocus my creative efforts again. The machine is unpacked and I’m working on new items for my Etsy store. This week I finished up a new type of crazy quilted ornament.Image

Introducing the new Crazy Quilted Tree Ornament

ImageI plan on offering this ornament in a limited number of colors, we’ll see how that plan goes.