Burda’s Sergeant Pepper Jacket 06/2016 #120

It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken on a Burdastyle pattern; long enough that the memory had faded of how I hate adding in seam allowances and how frustrating their instructions are . Argh.

Argh indeed, but I pushed through with the end goal in mind of having this cool jacket to wear.

SP closeup

Emily from Boho Fabrics* sent me some of the Paige Stretch Denim to use in a project as part of her Boho Tribe (more about the Boho Tribe at the end of this post). I had lots of ideas about what I did not want to make with it. No to jeans- I just made some, jean jacket-I never wear the one I own, denim skirt- not interested, and so on. My Pinterest boards held the answer of course. Burdastyle’s Sergeant Pepper Jacket would do the trick. The denim would look great with some silver buttons and I love cropped jackets.

From past experience with Burda I went up one size and worked up a muslin. I was pleased with the overall fit excepting for the armscye depth hit very low under the arm. So low I couldn’t raise my arms much above 45 degrees with out the whole jacket lifting up with me.

I’ve never had to make this kind of pattern alteration before, so I used this tutorial from The Daily Sew to walk me through adjusting the armscye and making the corresponding sleeve cap adjustment.

Being able to move your arms is something you take for granted until you meet a too deep armscye.

This time I was able to make it quite a way through Burdastyle’s instructions before getting totally confused. I was able to construct the entire bodice and sleeves, but they lost me with the zipper installation and the facing instructions. No worries, I simply installed my zipper as I have with many projects, attached the facings and done.


The Pattern: Burdastyle 06/2016 #120 in size 80 with armscye and sleeve cap alterations. Armscye raised 1.25in under the arm and sleeve cap reduced about 1in.

The Fabric: Paige Stretch Denim from Boho Fabrics*. 1 3/4 yards used.

Next time: I don’t see myself making this pattern again as the style is pretty distinctive, but I’d reshape my sleeve cap as it looks a little flattened. I’m also not too thrilled on my effort on those rounded tabs, so I’d make the button tabs with pointed ends instead.


As always, thanks for reading today.

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As a member of the Boho Tribe, when I make a qualifying purchase from Boho Fabrics I am sent complemetary additional fabrics to use in a project in exchange for sharing that project with you.

Boho Fabrics is having a flash sale today to help you stock up before the Holidays.




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