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Sunday Lately is a fun way to share a little more about myself while reflecting on the past week.

Aug 27

Skipping… School y’all! Last weekend, we took a road trip to eastern Nebraska to visit my sister, soak in the cuteness of my 9 month old nephew, and view the eclipse in its totality. For all this fun, the little guy skipped his 3rd day of kindergarten. Totality worth it!

Mastering: Seriously, I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from mastering.

Climbing: (nada)

Encouraging: We have expectations for behavior for our 5 yr old son; good manners, respect, and choosing to do the right thing. Lately when he falls short, it feels like we’ve been heavy on the correction and light on the encouragement. Trying to bring it back into balance.

Modeling: My sister is a talented photographer and took some shots of me “modeling” a couple of outfits that you’ll see on the blog in September for the Sew Long Summer blog tour.

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One thought on “Sunday Lately on mahlicadesigns #129

  1. Can’t wait to see your new outfits. Correction and encouragement is something parents work on balancing for the child’s first 21 years. The key is recognizing when the balance is off. You are doing a great job with him.


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