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Sunday Lately is a fun way to share a little more about myself while reflecting on the past week.

June 11

Tweeting: I don’t tweet myself, but I’ve been enjoying the music the birds around our home have been making. I like to think the momma bird nesting on the pergola over our patio is singing along to her soon to be babies.

Raising: Our little guy just turned five. Celebrating his birthday and some other reminders have me very mindful of enjoying him now at this age before he actually turns into the man we’re hoping to raise.

Giving: My husband normally gives a week of volunteer time as a counselor for Royal Family Kids Camp; helping foster kids in our county have a week of fun, encouragement, and love. This year he couldn’t do a week because of jury duty, but was able to help for one day where they throw a huge birthday party for all the kids.

Illustrating: This week I sketched out a basic plan for the huge garden bed in our back yard. The bed is about 5 feet deep and 120 feet long, totally overrun by weeds, and completely daunting to me. I’m trying to be realistic about getting it filled with perennials that will take care of themselves.

Restoring: ??

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