One pattern many ways. Show Your Stoff blog tour wrap up

Thank you so much for following along with the Show Your Stoff Blog Tour.

I’m still making my Zierstoff shopping list based on all the great things that the bloggers made this past week for the Show Your Stoff blog tour (discount code below). Very quickly I was impressed by how the same pattern could look so different when in the hands of different bloggers. I’d like to showcase some of those variations for you today.

The SVEA pants were made by:

 Life Sew Savory, Bless by Tone, Idle Sunshine

Svea collage

The NICKI capris were made by:

mahlicadesigns, Anna’s Heirloom Boutique, Fabulous Home Sewn

Nicki collage

The ALENA tee was made by:

mahlicadesignsThread and Scissors

Alena collage

The LILIA Jacket was made by:

Tenille’s Thread, Stitches by Laura

Lilia collage

The HENRIKE jumpsuit was made by:

Inspinration, Very Blissful, Kate Will Knit

Henrike collage

GRETA for girls and Women was made by:

Sew Cucio, Embrace Everyday

Greta collage

OLE pants for girls and boys:

Anna’s Heirloom Boutique

Ole collage

MAXI pants for kids and Women:

mahlicadesignsThread and Scissors

Maxi collage

KATI top and dress:

Kaleidothought, Zowie Zo, Thread and Scissors

Kati collage

DELIA Cardigan:

Kaleidothought, Adventures with Bubba and Bug

DELIA collage

CLARA pant:

Glitter in my Coffee, Sew A Piece of Joy

Clara collage

LENA for kids & LENA women:

Sew A Piece of Joy

Lena collage

KITTY top for women and girls:

Anna’s Heirloom Boutique, Anne-Mari SewsLife Sew Savory

Kitty collage

You can really get a big bang for your buck with patterns that come in a broad range of sizes. You can also easily make mommy and me outfits and take advantage of the patterns that can be used for boys or girls.

Why not stock up on these very versatile patterns with code MahlicaDesigns30.  You’ll save 30% off patterns during the month of April.


The full Sow Your Stoff tour included these wonderful sewists, please stop by and share your comments with them:

Monday April 10- Anne-Mari Sews,  InspinrationTenille’s Thread, Sew Cucio, Embrace Everyday
Tuesday April 11- Musings of A Seamstressmahlicadesigns, Anna’s Heirloom Boutique, FABulous Home Sewn
Wednesday April 12-  Thread and ScissorsKaleidothought, Idle Sunshine, mahlicadesigns
Thursday April 13- Very Blissful, Sew A Piece of Joy, Zowie Zo, Nina MakesThread and Scissors.
Friday April 14-  Bless, by Tone; Life Sew Savory; Needles to Say, Adventures with Bubba and Bug
Saturday April 15- Musings of A Seamstress,  Anna’s Heirloom BoutiqueGlitter in my CoffeeAnne-Mari SewsStitches by Laura; Tea, Dust and Stitches

As always, thanks for visiting the bloggers on the tour.

This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase through my links I get a small portion to help pay for my sewing hobby.

2 thoughts on “One pattern many ways. Show Your Stoff blog tour wrap up

  1. So many gorgeous makes! Thanks for the round up, it’s great to see how different the same pattern can turn out!


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