Breaking Ground with Laela Jeyne

I put new pajamas on my sewing wishlist for 2017, because my current pj situation is composed of mismatched super stretched out pieces with a long list of other problems. The Breaking Ground challenge was just the kick in the pants I needed to get this wardrobe hole taken care of.

I chose the Laela Jeyne Comfy Cozy Pjs for its classic style and its many options. With this pattern I can sew with knits or wovens, I can make long sleeves and long pants for winter, short sleeves and shorts for summer, and I can choose a low or regular rise. Bases covered.

Since I’m all about stashbusting this year and I had over 5 yards of plaid and some matching check print to use up, I decided to go big and make myself a summer and winter set of the Comfy Cozy PJs. I’ve never sewn with plaid so, that was going to be Breaking Ground too. I thought this was a great idea until about hour three of plaid matching and cutting pattern pieces. Ugh!

Plaid matching aside, the construction of the pjs went together very smoothly. The step by step instructions with photos made it super easy. I’m also thankful for the sleeve and pant cuffs that saved me from a ton of hemming.

Now I’d like to find some nice double knit to make another set for next winter.

Thanks for reading about my Breaking Ground project today.

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As always, thanks for stopping by today.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Ground with Laela Jeyne

  1. This is just one of my favorite makes in this tour! The check fabric cuffs on the plaid is just perfect! My pjs situation is pretty sad too, I need to get this pattern out!


  2. I love PJs (and need more PJs) I don’t know why I haven’t made any yet LOL. I have the fabric for it. 😛 Maybe by the time the next Breaking Ground tour comes around 😉 😀 These look great!


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