Sunday Lately on mahlicadesigns #101

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Sunday Lately is normally a way for me to share a little more about myself using the prompts provided by the Blogger Tribe.

November was a tough month for my family, so taking inspiration from the Complaints Choir,  I’m going to use today’s post as a mental health exercise instead.

Let the complaints begin.

My brother died unexpectedly early this month. We’ve been grieving and trying to get over the shock of it. I’m in a general malaise and everything just feels like a chore and going through the motions.

On the topic of illness: There have been a total of seven days this month that I have not been sick; about the same for my husband but he had the added trouble of breaking a toe while we were out-of-state for my brother’s funeral and later some sort of conjunctivitis. Our little guy got all the same colds as us, but miraculously got over them in a matter of days. Almost all of my extended family got a nasty, long lingering cold while we gathered to mourn my brother.

Our Thanksgiving gathering evaporated. With our family being sick and my in-laws being sick, the day was a no-go. Since our day was caput, my husband volunteered to work, so a co-worker could be home. It’s pretty depressing to watch about family gatherings and holiday meals when you’re not with family and eating leftover pizza.

For good measure let’s add on a lot of little annoying things going wrong that normally roll off your back, but pile on when you already feel beaten down. For example; the kitchen sink that’s threatening to break loose because of a bad install and is propped up by a croquet mallet until we can get a guy over to fix it, or the new set of tires that are jokingly referred to as my Christmas present.

Song over. Do I feel better? Only slightly. Thanks for listening.

Sunday Lately

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Lately on mahlicadesigns #101

  1. Good idea Nancy.This coming week-end we will have our delayed Thanksgiving dinner. They’ll cut down their Christmas tree as well. So true about how your heart actually hurts and eventually goes to a dull ache. With God’s healing power you are never alone. Prayers and hugs will be given abundantly.❤️


  2. Unfortunately you will need several more rants to feel even remotely better. Until I lost my sister I did not realize that when people say that their heart hurts that they mean that literally. It hurts…and takes a long time to stop hurting. Eventually it only aches. In January when nothing is going on plan a “Thanksgiving ” dinner. Never a wrong time to give thanks. Hope you and David are feeling better so Christmas can happen.


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