SVEA pants by mahlicadesigns

I have a serious need for pants in my wardrobe, but am not quite ready to make another pair for jeans, so instead I made the SVEA Pants.




I made a size 40 according to my measurements using a double knit. The result was baggier looking than I would have liked and I’m sure the drape of the double knit didn’t help with that. Since the 40’s were baggier and longer than I wanted, I’m giving these to my sister. I know the drape of the knit plays a factor here, so I felt I needed to play with things a little.

On my second attempt, I sized down to the children’s size 170 all around but kept the size 40 crotch length. I still ended up shortening at the hem by 2 inches. I’m much more comfortable with how these fit.


What do you think? Did I get closer to the look of the pattern by sizing down?

Image from Zierstoff Patterns
Image from Zierstoff Patterns

SVEA Pants side by side collage


SVEA Pants from Zierstoff Patterns. Size 40. Shortened by 3 inches at hem.

SVEA Pants from Zierstoff Patterns. Size 170 width & leg length, size 40 crotch length. Shortened by 2 inches at hem.

Fabric: I used a double knit with a subtle houndstooth print from my stash for both pairs of SVEA Pants.

The SVEA Pants took me 2 hours to complete (each).

Total Cost: $10.80(each)    Fabric $5       Notions: $1       Pattern $4.80*



9 thoughts on “SVEA pants by mahlicadesigns

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with the SVEA pattern! I have shared it with our pattern drafter so we can discuss possibly changing the size assignments or the recommended fabric type. Your feedback is much appreciated! – The Zierstoff Team


  2. oh i love the fit on the the second pair, it looks great on you! With a thinner fabric (looks like a thin slub knit from the Zierstoff image) I think yours would look exactly like that.

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