Sunday Lately on mahlicadesigns #94

Sunday Lately Architectural

Sunday Lately is a fun way to share a little more about myself while reflecting on the past week.

This week’s themes are: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

Updating… After completing one of my big goals for the year, I’m starting to make notes for what I want to accomplish in 2017.

Remembering… how wonderful it is to spend time with my hubby. DH took a day off this week so we could go on a day date while the little guy was in preschool. We toured the Celestial Seasons factory, lunched on Pearl St. in Boulder, visited the natural history museum at CU Boulder and partook in some yummy fudge from Kilwins Candy shop.

Needing… a couple extra weeks to catch up, anyone else?

Wearing… I’ve been bouncing between shorts combined with shortsleeve tees and jeans combined with warm shirts. We’re having a good mix of fall and indian summer around here.

Being…   uhh??

Sunday Lately

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe. You can find similar posts from other bloggers in this link up party.

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