Sunday Lately on mahlicadesigns #76

Sunday Lately Architectural

Sunday Lately is a fun way to share a little more about myself while reflecting on the past week.

This week’s themes are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling.

Planning: The Sew Alongs & Contest facebook group has just started the next Seasonal Sew Wardrobe (SSW) challenge (August to December 15th).  Here’s what I’m planning, with a focus on pants fitting.

SSW Destination suduko

Liana Jeans, Megan Shirt, Santiago Jacket, clutch-self drafted, Birkin Flares, Zircon Sweater, SVEA Pants, & Mechelen Sweater

Loving: Let’s all just give thanks this week for our local libraries. I hope yours are wonderful too.

Reading: …little kids books, over and over.

Wishing: We’re starting to get slightly cooler days. I just wished they lasted longer; it seems like we go from hot summer to freezing winter too fast.

Feeling…excited to make a visit to my sister in Nebraska next week.

Sunday Lately

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