Wardrobe Workup after Me Made May


Though a lot of drudgery is involved in taking pics of yourself every day, Me Made May was a good and useful exercise. I got a little bit of practice putting together outfits and put together thoughts on how to make some improvements.


I’ve added things to the sewing list and alterations list. More importantly, I’m going to refocus on building outfits instead of the one-off pieces that have led me to a closet of tops and no pants.

I’ve already made another S2451 skirt and a red blouse (unblogged) to fill wardrobe holes. Trousers and pants will wait until fall.

Union St Tee w/ S2451 skirt


While spending time evaluating my existing wardrobe this month, I also spent a little time focusing on how I’m spending my sewing/blogging time.

There have been several times over the last few months that sewing has been more stressful because of deadlines than it has been fun. I’m refocusing on how much I can realistically accomplish, so I can maintain a balance that works for me.


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