Moving on with Me Made May week four

Wearing handmade items every day this month for Me Made May is moving into unexciting repeat land, so I’m glad to be wrapping it up this week.

What I wore last week…

Sunday: Pin Peg Mini paired with a purple tee, after trying a few things first.

May 22 collage

Monday: Lindy Petal skirt and Kirsten Kimono tee.

May 23.2

Tuesday: Old tee and jeans for major yardwork day. No pics-your welcome.

Wednesday: Marigold Dress for dinner with the boys.

May 25.1

Thursday: Old tee and jeans for another yardwork day.

Friday: Union St Tee and rtw jeans

May 27


Week 4’s takeaways are…

  • Pin Peg skirt added to the list of items to alter. I’d like to take it in at the waist for a better fit. My version is reversible and I’m also considering taking it all apart and making two skirts out of the one.

So, there are a couple days left in May, but I’m done with Me Made May for this year. I’ll have a wrap up post in a few days to put it all together.



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