Week Away Wardrobe for Me Made May week three

Wearing Me Made items every day this week was a challenge. We took a week away in Breckenridge and I packed without spending the time to think about creating outfits. Still, I wore Me Made, but there isn’t much here to work with as far as gleaning info on my wardrobe. Here goes anyway.

What I wore last week…

May 15

May 15th, I wore my Fancy Tiger dolman on a cool rainy day in Breckenridge.

May 16

May 16th, wearing the Zircon Sweater in fleece hoping this is the last snow I see until November.

May 17

May 17th I chose my Ann T, one of my Core basics.

May 18th My first Me Made repeat. I wore my Jasper Sweater with jeans

May 19th I broke my streak by wearing rtw sweater and jeans.

May 20.1

May 20th Back on the wagon with a slouchy Tonic 2 Tee.

May 21st This Tonic 2 Tee pattern hack.(Did’t get a pic)

Week 3’s takeaways are…

  • Wow, I have enough pieces to wear Me Made for almost three weeks.

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