Wardrobe checkup with Me Made May week two

So far I’m still sticking to my goal of wearing Me Made items every day this month and taking a quick pic to help evaluate pieces of my wardrobe.

What I wore last week…

May 8 collage

May 8, Mother’s Day I wore my Bonnell Dress with a rtw cardigan.

May 9.2

May 9 I wore my Marigold Blouse hack and Simplicity 2451 skirt.

May 10.2

May 10 was a blah day for sure in my Easy Tee Raglan and rtw jeans.

May 11.1

May 11 rockin’ my Georgia Top hack.

May 12.1

May 12 Union St tee and Sloan Leggings. What can I say, some days are just like this.

Lane 6

May 13th Lane Raglan.

May 14

May 14th Aurora Tee.

Week 2’s takeaways are…

  • Adding a better fitting light colored cardigan to the List
  • Added a note to my Marigold pattern for better shoulder fit.
  • Really like S2451 skirt’s fit, should make again in a straight skirt version.
  • My go-to outfit of jeans and knit top really has me bummed how sloppy and boring I look.  I’m not sure how to rectify that given my lack of choices in pants/trousers at the moment.
  • Lane Raglan added to the list of things to be reworked.

Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Wardrobe checkup with Me Made May week two

  1. I think you’ve done amazing work at building your wardrobe of basics. I have the opposite problem, most of the pieces I make are of thrifted silks or velvet, for example, and often in whatever print catches my eye, with few solids or even classic stripes. I think you made a good start on jazzing it up, with the yellow skirt, which goes great with navy and grey. One suggestion, which I also struggle with, is adding accessories, such as bracelets or necklaces, and scarves, like the infinity ones which are so popular. They can be in colors or prints for accents. I like your idea of adding red into your color scheme, too. I admire your motivation to make your own wardrobe, it’s my ideal, too, but I recently went to Old Navy to spend a gift card and stumbled on outrageous sales. I know those prices are part of the global clothing problems, but my point is, once in a while, picking up a RTW piece can fill just the right gap in your wardrobe, or an accessory. Anyway, sorry to write a book, but love what you’re doing and am interested to see how you develop and complete your wardrobe!


    1. Thanks Randi. I always forget about accessories and I certainly have plenty of brightly colored, oh pretty, makes and purchases in my closet that I call the wardrobe orphans ’cause they are really tough to pair up with anything. I’m trying to be smarter about what goes into the closet.


  2. I’m with Nancy, add dressier tops to your jeans and you’ll like them more! Or make your raglan with a dressier accent fabric, like a floral or some other prints along with a nice solid; I’m seeing a lot of Ann Taylor/LOFT tops at work that are raglan patterns but dressed up with great prints/fabrics.


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