Wardrobe evaluation time with Me Made May week one

I joined in on Me Made May again this year ’cause I’m still far from where I’d like my wardrobe to be. Despite my work on building my Core Wardrobe, I still am finding lots of holes in my wardrobe and still often feel like I have nothing to wear.

I’m using MMM to get a real look at what I’m wearing so I can make a plan to fill in those wardrobe holes, weed out items that just are not working for me, and to try out new combinations.

The first week of May I started off well, but quickly slipped into the jeans and tee uniform.

MMM16 week1.1 collage

Simplicity 2451 skirt, Georgia top, Kirsten Kimono top & Ally skirt (unblogged), One hour top.

MMM16 week1.2 collage

Shoreline boatneck, Union St Tee (unblogged), Jasper Sweater.

From this week I solidified what I already knew, that I barely have any jeans or pants that fit me, let alone any that are handmade. I’m already working on (procrastinating about) making my own jeans and have it on my list to try trousers in the fall.

A top in my Core Color, red, will give me more versatility in making outfits. I have Simplicity 1430 view B on my cutting table this week.

I’ve worn my striped Shoreline twice now and the length and the hemline shape needs to be adjusted. On the mending list.

Feel free to leave any input in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe evaluation time with Me Made May week one

  1. I need to work on pants too. The for is so hard for me. I bought this book and will make it my summer project to go through the whole tissue-fitting process, muslin etc.


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