Marigold Blouse, a first step toward the Marigold Dress.

I’m leading a sew along for the Marigold Dress from Blank Slate Patterns in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests facebook group this month. You can join us for inspiration and encouragement as we work through the pattern (I’m not going to teach you how to sew it, just cheer you on and give you ideas. The sew along is not associated with or sponsored by Blank Slate Patterns)

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

My first try with the Marigold was to make the blouse out of some stash fabric and hope for a wearable muslin. I’m not sold on how peplums look on me, though Teresa’s modified peplum is darn cute; so I played it safe and chose to follow a pattern hack from the Melly Sews website.

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

The hack shows you how to lengthen the bodice piece and straighten the side seam. Pretty easy. The only thing I’d add to the tutorial is that you also need to square up the hem line. I wasn’t paying attention and got an angled hem line which cost me about an inch in the overall length.  😦

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

I made only two minor alterations to the construction. I used french seams at the sides and didn’t use the button placement guide. I always place my first button to line up with the fullest part of my bust and work out placement from there.

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

Thus far I have only one critique of the pattern. The shaping of the sleeve hem puts extra fabric under the arm, not where anyone wants extra bulk. See how it’s wider at the green line than the red line. This extra width and the curve on the hem there adds bulk.

sleeve collage

I haven’t tested it out, but I have a quick solution and a better solution. Quick:  I think making the piece the same width from the curve to the seam will eliminate some of the problem. (blue line for example). Better: Slashing the pattern from hem line up to but not through the seam line to create a pivot (blue dotted line), slide the cut edges over each other to remove about 1/4in to 1/2in from the hem and then make the width even.

Alteration collage

So, a pretty wearable muslin I think. I’m feeling very comfortable moving forward with making the full dress. I think I’ll still need to take a big breath before cutting into the fabric I’ve been hoarding.

Marigold Blouse by mahlicadesigns

The Marigold Blouse hack should take you about 4 hours to make.

Fabric & buttons from stash $0  Pattern $4.53  Total cost $4.53*

* $9.06 was the sale price I paid. I divided it by two since I will make this pattern twice.

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6 thoughts on “Marigold Blouse, a first step toward the Marigold Dress.

  1. I have looked at the pattern. It seems to me that the sleevehead that is chosen for the draft is rather low. This is fine for the long sleeve to be nice and comfortably wide. I think that the short sleeve is too wide in the underarm but also I don’t like that it comes away from the upperarm. I think that a sleeve that has a higher sleevehead and subsequently sits overall narrower around the arm would fit the bill better

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    1. These are good insights. I’ve made other patterns from the same designer and they seem to come away from the upper arm too. The drafting for the long sleeve version is shaped quite differently. We’ll see how that one comes out.


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