In it for the long haul with Burda 7140 jacket

It’s been a few years since I’ve taken on a time intensive project like the Burda 7140 jacket. On a whim I purchased some faux leather online thinking maybe I’ll make a jacket. So far I’ve made a wristlet, this jacket, and  have plans to work it into a top that’s a few notches down on my sewing list.

Faux leather jacket by mahlicadesigns

I decided to join in a coat sew along hosted by Erica B in October. All of a sudden this “maybe someday” jacket was in the works. I came really close to meeting the suggested deadline too. The night before the sew along ended, I needed to put in my zipper, attach the bottom hem, and close up the lining; simple right. Too bad the suggested zipper length was 1.5 inches too short. Of course I didn’t get to the store for another 10 days to get a replacement zipper. 10 days which I filled up with the Georgia Top and volunteering as a tester for the Zircon Sweater.

Georgia Top by mahlicadesigns

Working with the faux leather wasn’t tough by any means it just took patience;  no pins allowed, tissue paper under the presser foot, press and press again kind of patience.

To add a little body to the faux leather and faux suede accent, I used interlining on all pieces except the sleeves. I ran out of the interlining fabric and figured an interlining wouldn’t be needed in the sleeves any way. I like the finished result and the interlining made resolution of  big problem possible.

I could press the faux leather but it did not keep a press very well. I found myself pressing and repressing over and over and was feeling pretty gloomy about how the jacket was going to work if the seams wouldn’t stay pressed. I was getting to the last steps before completion when…yes, you guessed it! I used a herringbone catch stitch on all those seam allowances. I wouldn’t have been able to fix the problem of the seams without being able to attach them to that interlining. The solution was pretty basic, but having never needed to use a catch stitch before, it was slow to come to me.

Faux leather jacket by mahlicadesigns

I used the pattern instructions only as a general guide. I did not want seam lines on my cuffs and hem, so I tacked the cuff to the side seam to keep it in place. Using a jump hem, and tacking the hem up at the bodice seams was the solution for the hem line.

Details: Burda 7140 View A Size 12.

Alterations: Added 1/2in to the depth of the shoulder darts. Shortened sleeves by 3in and it looks like they could use some more attention. Used a 1/2in seam allowance on the bodice seams to give a little extra ease. The ease stated in the pattern was nowhere to be found in my muslin or final version.

Next time I would slim down the sleeves a bit and consider going up a size to compensate for the lack of ease.

Fabric: knit faux leather from Fabricmart (Similar to), faux suede, poly interlining and lining.

Burda 7140 took me 14.5 hours to complete, but if you choose an easier fabric you could probably get yours done in half that time. Seriously.

Fabric/Supplies $33.50    Pattern $2  Total $35.50

Feeling like a bad a**: Priceless


On another note, I’ve added a Buy It page up there in the menu. I have a few things I’ve made, some fabric to destash, and even a few free things*

*you pay to ship

15 thoughts on “In it for the long haul with Burda 7140 jacket

  1. I’m trying to make a similar faux-leather jacket and having a hard time figuring out exactly what fabric to use for the interlining. What exact fabric did you use and where did you get it?


    1. Erica, thanks to my project notebooks I can actually answer this question 4 years after the making. I used a woven stretch lining (95% poly 5% lycra) that I picked up from Joanns; however I don’t know if they carry it any more. I use underlining often. You want to look for an underlining that has the same amount of stretch as your main fabrics.


  2. I’m trying to make a similar faux-leather jacket and I’m struggling to figure out what fabric to use for the interlining. What exact fabric did you use?


  3. Haha and so you should feel like a bad a**! It looks awesome. I did have to chuckle though at the thought of you having all that fabric sitting waiting to be turned into this jacket and you just snipping off the tiniest piece for a wristlet!


  4. Hi, I found you over on Blogger Tribe. 🙂 This jacket is fabulous! Kudos to you for having the patience for it. I love the accents. What a great piece to add to your wardrobe!


  5. Really really nice jacket! I love those lines- they are so very flattering. Nice work! I am not sure I have the patience to sew with faux leather. (Or real leather for that matter!)


    1. These are RTW pants. The jeans I’m working on are still being worked on. I really want the fitting to be right before making the final version. Then I’m going to be making a lot of jeans.


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