2015’s Resolutions and what’s up for 2016

So December of last year I decided to try something new, actually making resolutions for the next year to come. You can see my plan here.

Time to come clean. I’d say I did about 50/50 in accomplishing what I laid out to do. While I was far from completing the list of goals, I do have a good routine for working through it and keeping myself accountable and that’s half the battle for me. For 2016, I’m going to continue the momentum I’ve established.

Sewing Goals for 2015

In 2015 I’d like to learn how to make a lapped zipper and try fancy seam finishes.

Actual: Lapped zipper yes, twice; fancy seam finishes not really

Finish up Core Wardrobe

Actual: Lot’s of new pieces added but still more to come

Work on the UFO pile, finishing four in 2015.

Actual: One item given up for scraps.

Serious destashing of stuff I won’t use.

Actual: About 5 pieces given away, still more listed on Etsy and Facebook

Organization goals for 2015

Getting things neatly in a place they belong. Small bites at a time, one closet or bookcase per month.

Actual: Finished two of these off my list.

Unpacking boxes from our move. One box per month.

Actual: 8 boxes done and finding it hard to move all those boxes of books into the house.

Downsizing. I’ve got stuff that needs to go! One thing/batch per month.

Actual: Best results here, about 9 things/batches.


3 thoughts on “2015’s Resolutions and what’s up for 2016

  1. Good for you to spend some time reflecting and seeing where you landed! I’m going to sit down and make some blogging goals. (I just typed it, so now I guess I have to do it.)


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