Core Wardrobe in review

At the beginning of this year I was feeling pretty committed about working on my Core Wardrobe. My strategy was to follow along with Wardrobe Architect from Colette and the Vivian Files.

What worked and what didn’t:

I found the Wardrobe Architect hard to follow. I felt like I was always searching around the Colette site for the latest post on the Wardrobe Architect and the time between their posts made me feel like I never quite knew what I was supposed to be doing. I take the blame here, my attention was lacking.

I had a reminder in my calendar to continue working through the Vivian Files, but just kept ignoring it.

On the positive, I feel like I have a better idea of what styles I’d like to be wearing and what looks good on me. When picking projects, I was more thoughtful about what role an item was filling in my wardrobe, if the style fits me, and if the colors fit my Core Color scheme.

Core Colors: Black, Ivory/Cream, Charcoal Gray. Cobalt blue and biker Red accents.

I continue to like the Core Colors I chose at the the beginning of the Wardrobe Architect process, but may switch out the black which is not great against my fair skin and use navy instead. I’m still deciding on that because the navy won’t pair up with the cobalt blue.

Looking back at the items I made this year and the fabrics I continue to buy, I have a lot of charcoal gray. I need to refocus on adding all the Core Colors I chose.

I wasn’t planning this at the time, but I also reduced purchasing ready to wear clothing almost entirely. I purchased a dress for a Christmas party and a pair of pants off clearance racks this year. I hope to continue to avoid purchasing clothes altogether, save for undergarments and socks.

Going forward:

I’m still going to use the ideas I’ve learned and have a list of the basic items that need making, but don’t know when I’ll get back to completing the Wardrobe Architect process.

I find I have the greatest success when I plan out ahead of time what I want to do for the next season. In September, I started planning my spring/summer pieces for 2016 by looking at what pieces I wanted to add, what patterns in my stash met the need, and then collecting fabrics. So far I have many tops planned and a vague idea that I should figure out how to make pants sometime. I’d like to continue to be able to plan ahead like this, but you know, stuff.


5 thoughts on “Core Wardrobe in review

  1. I’ve been really working on creating a Capsule from here on out too. It has been such a learning curve learning which styles I really like, which things are going to get TONS of wear and which will be special occasion only items and what fabrics I love. I never even knew I loved knit pencil skirts until I got started just branching out and trying things. I feel like I learn something new with each project and I’m sure you do too. Keep going, it’ll be awesome. 🙂


  2. It’s great that you finished it. I think sewing a CW is a lot more involved than I had ever thought. I think having a CW would help cut down on impulse fabric buys too. There’s so much good from doing it. Maybe next year I’ll get back on the horse. Is there any other CW plan that you might follow? Or tips for creating your own plan?


    1. I was starting from scratch, but it was still more work than I anticipated. I’m on the downward slope to finishing it though.

      I found going through the first few worksheets of the Wardrobe Architect very useful in helping me narrow down my style and the silhouettes that I like to wear. Other than that, there are lots of CW “lists” out there with the minimum items you should have, we just have to make sure the list makes sense with our lifestyles. A cardigan may be more useful than a tailored jacket for some, for example.

      Having Core Colors worked out, does help reduce impulse fabric purchases, a little. At least they are in a color scheme that works.


  3. haha… “but you know, stuff” 🙂 I hear you there! I’m just beginning planning like this for my work clothes in the new year so we’ll see how that goes. The wardrobe architect seemed a little much for me, too.


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