So Simple Shrug the hard way

Without planning it, I  found a way to up my sewing patience by taking a quick and easy pattern and making it difficult.

Shrug 1

The So Simple Shrug, is an apt name for this pattern. One pattern piece, easy fabric, and easy finishing were just what I needed during a busy December. Here’s how it went off the rails.

  1. Velvet seemed to be just the luxe look needed to pair with a sequined dress for my Christmas party. So off I go with my long shopping list, hubby and little guy keeping busy at the store next door. In all the happy alone time fabric shopping I didn’t think to check that the knit velvet I selected had enough stretch for the pattern. It turned out to have next to none.
  2. Spend extra time measuring pattern so I could compensate for lack of stretch. All in all, I just used the largest size, planning to reduce down if needed.
  3.  Because my fabric has a nap, I cut it out single layer and did not cut out the pattern diagonal to the grain line as instructed, resulting in not having enough fabric and a return to the store for more.
  4. I used velvet, that shifty little stinker. Those fibers kept pushing away from each other. I pinned the stuffing out of this, basted and then sewed each seam.
  5. To avoid a noticeable stitch line, I use a blind hem stitch, only to realize the process pressed in a crease. Pretty visible.

Shrug 3

Using the largest size F for 43in bust instead of the  C for 35in bust worked just perfectly to compensate for the lack of stretch in the fabric. The only modification was to shorten the sleeve length by 1/2in, still giving me 1.5in to use for a sleeve hem.

Shrug 4

I added 1/2in to the neckline, front and bottom of back of the pattern before cutting, so I could hem that edge.

Shrug back

Next time, I would modify the front curve to give a little more coverage. Just my personal taste.

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