Sew With Me Challenge

One of my facebook groups, Sew Alongs & Contests put on the Sew With Me Challenge in September to create four coordinates; a pant, skirt, top, and an accessory. Even with my efforts working towards a Core Wardrobe, I still struggle with a haphazard approach to what I’m making. I thought participating in the challenge would give me good practice at purposely making separates that go together.

Although a couple of the pieces are not true love, I do feel good about the cohesiveness of the four. I hope I can maintain the mindset of being more purposeful about making pieces that have wardrobe partners.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post about each of the pieces including a tutorial on how to make the Twisted Tuck Wristlet.

Do you have an approach that keeps you from making wardrobe orphans?


4 thoughts on “Sew With Me Challenge

  1. Nice that you have a group to inspire you and keep you on track.

    My approach is a little more random, but I do try to only sew things I will actually wear. I more or less stick to my color palette, or use accent colors that will work with it. Then, I will usually think something like: “Hmmm… I seem to be running out of tops to wear before laundry day.” So, it’s time to make more tops.

    Currently, I’m working on making a midi length skirt from some Gorgeous ($19/yd) rayon knit and it’s slow going, because i’m so scared to ruin it. All my clothes are very casual, which fits my lifestyle, but I wanted something more dress-up worthy in my wardrobe. So I hope it works out.


    1. Chris, I know the feeling. There have been many times that I find myself muttering, “don’t eat the fabric, don’t eat the fabric” as i slowly sew something precious. Sewing is not supposed to be stressful that way.


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