Bonnell Dress by mahlicadesigns

What to say about this super cute dress pattern? Oh, I know. Go get it.

100_3983Here’s what to like about the Bonnell Dress:

Triangle cut outs at the sides balanced by a higher neckline so you’re not showing too much skin. A slight V-shaped back to keep things interesting from the rear too.

100_3933I made a size 6 in a quilting cotton with metallic dots from Joanns as a pattern tester for Dixie DIY. (The final pattern may be different)

Bonnell dress by mahlicadesignsMy thoughts:

The dress looks complicated with those cut outs, but it really goes together pretty easily. Dixie’s instructions and illustrations are clear and easy to follow.

Bonnell Dress by mahlicadesignsThe toughest part is making sure you mark and sewing accurately on the triangle parts and sticking it out through all those darts. Twelve darts in all, geesh that’s a time eater, but well worth the great fit of the bodice.

100_3928I made a small adjustment to the shoulder seam which is common for me, dropping the seam by 3/8in at the outer edge to take care of some gaping around the arm hole.

Next time I would reposition the pockets lower so my arms can rest in more of a natural position for me. If I were to make it again in a quilting cotton, I would make the skirt portion smaller with a little less gathering. My sewing friends at the Denver Sewing Collective meetup recommended  I also add about 1/4in width to the bust dart to take care of the extra fabric you see at the sides of my waist. Isn’t fitting fun?

So, are you ready to give it a try? The Bonnell Dress Pattern goes on sale soon.

The Bonnell should take you about six hours.

Fabric $10.75 Lining $2 Zipper $2.25  Total Cost: $15

Handmade wardrobe $ Priceless

9 thoughts on “Bonnell Dress by mahlicadesigns

  1. Lovely dress – good work sticking it out through the 12 darts and matching up the triangles! I am a big fan of fabric with a metallic print to it, too. Thanks for coming by to link up. Really looking forward to more of your handmade wardrobe.


  2. Nice work! The triangle cutouts really make for a cool design feature. 12 darts?! That’s a lot, but they’re not super obvious in the final product, and it does fit well, so it clearly was worth the effort!


  3. I love this dress on you. Squares up your shoulders. I think all the darts must be worth the trouble for the fit.
    love your efforts, mom


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