Me-Made-May ’15 Wrap Up #1

My Me-Made pledge is to wear three handmade items per week. My goal in participating is to use these pictures to help with my Core Wardrobe work.

Week One I wore:Peasant Blouse & bootcut jeans; Jasper Sweater & bootcut jeans; Cobalt shorts and embroidered tee; Orange Zip Skirt & Teal Tee.

My observations: Wear cobalt shorts with that tee tucked in and a belt.

Week Two I wore: Rose Tee & straight leg trousers; Bonnell Dress; Simplicity 4420 skirt (unblogged) & tee.

My observations: Rose tee looks a bit matronly, maybe this will be an around the house tee.

Please feel free to chime in with your feedback. Do you think these outfits work? Are they the right shape and color for me? Any suggestions on how to do it better?


3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’15 Wrap Up #1

  1. I agree with the white tee needing to be tucked in and a belt. you have the figure to tuck things in. Wonder if the rose tee would look less matronly if tucked in and a belt? That dress is nice color on you And looks good on you. Love the 4420 skirt. Cobalt and zip skirt are perfect on you

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