Transparency Quilt UFO. Scrap it or Finish it?

So, I’ve been trying to keep good momentum on my resolutions. I’ve made progress by putting patterns in one of my etsy stores, working on organizing a coat closet, and here’s my UFO. This quilt was started probably seven years ago and was a practice in transparency. The layers and use of tulle were supposed to accomplish the transparency.


I’m pretty much set on scraping it instead of finishing it off, but thought I’d put it out there for some feedback first.

Reasons to finish: It might make a colorful piece for the guest bathroom or something. Not wasting that time or fabric.

Reasons to scrap it: I have no vision for the piece, I’d rather spend my time and fabric on something else.

Any thoughts? I’m feeling pretty comfortable just letting this one go. That’s pretty unusual for me.


5 thoughts on “Transparency Quilt UFO. Scrap it or Finish it?

  1. Have you decided what to do? I think, yes, see if someone else might want to work with it – i like that idea if it is an option. Someone might find it inspiring to pick up something else and do something with it. I say move toward the things you are most drawn to and excited about. See you soon, Mel!


  2. I like the satisfaction of finishing things (though my project closet may say otherwise). Why not give yourself an afternoon or an evening to work on it, and really focus on it for that period of time. If you find yourself going somewhere with it, great. If not, you’ll know to just scrap it and move on.

    I like the beginnings of the piece, but it feels like it needs a lot of work to get to a finished state.


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