The obligatory 2015 resolution list

Every year about this time I scoff about people making resolutions for the New Year. Why waste your time when utter failure is coming your way in less than two months? I really should eat some humble pie because I feel like I’m in a constant state of trying to get my act together and never getting there. So really, I’m frustrated all the time, instead of one big dose of it in January or February. So this year I’m making some resolutions like everybody else.

I’m sharing my list to keep myself accountable and I know some of you have similar goals. We can partner together to encourage each other to get it done. I’m trying to be realistic here. Some of these goals need more than one year, but its about getting the habits started.


In 2015 I’d like to learn how to make a lapped zipper and try fancy seam finishes.

I already have a fair start on my Core Wardrobe resolution but need to finish it out.

Work on the UFO pile, finishing four in 2015. Below is one of my UFOs.

I need to do some serious destashing, there’s stuff in there that I’m just not going to use, but can’t bring myself to donate. I at least need to make a plan for getting rid of some of it.

Sister Suns quilt top
Sister Suns quilt top


Part one is getting things neatly in a place they belong. Small bites at a time, one closet or bookcase per month.

Part two is unpacking boxes from our move 1.5 years ago. They’re all in our garage and it would be nice to get both cars in there. One box per month.

Part three is downsizing. I’ve got stuff that needs to go! Not sure how to measure this other than one thing/batch per month.


Wouldn’t it be nice if everything lined up so nicely?

I’ll be giving updates on my facebook page. Follow me there if you want to see how I do and leave me a facebook comment if you are interested in helping each other on a similar goal.

Some inspiration: This week I emptied one box of books from the garage, gave away our really big artificial tree on Freecycle, and listed some destash items in one of my etsy stores, and got a couple things up on craigslist. Thats pretty impressive, for me.

3 thoughts on “The obligatory 2015 resolution list

  1. That is a very good start. By this time next year you will be able to say you kept your new years resolutions. I think the key is just getting in the habit of whatever it is and then it is not a chore but just a natural thing to do.


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