Is Denver’s mini Maker Faire for you?

A few weekedends back I took a break from a three day CreativeLive course and hoped on over to Denver’s first mini Maker Faire with my toddler in tow.

I wanted to share my impressions of the Faire from the perspective of a sewer and arts and crafts maker.

About ten percent of the Faire booths were makers that would fall into my traditional areas of interest; Cei Lambert a fiber artist and designer with his loom, the Denver Sewing Collective with a few sewing projects to make and take home, Craftsy educator Carol Ann Waugh, Revive Gifts offering upcycled steampunk items, and some bobbin lace makers.

The Faire also featured quite a bit of technology related makers. I saw a lot of booths related to 3D printing, from companies offering their services, groups selling printers and 3D items, and a few make your own hackers. Robotics, technology and sculpture, laser and water cutters, and custom bike builders just to start.

I was really encouraged by a great number of booths that were education focused and most had activities for kids. My little guy was still a little small for most of the activities, but I think in a few years we could have much fun together.


All in all, as a crafty person I will pass on attending the Faire again. When my boy is a bit older, I think it will be a great experience for him.


2 thoughts on “Is Denver’s mini Maker Faire for you?

  1. Jill,
    I stopped by the DSC booth a couple times but you had quite a few ppl you were working with. The bag and vest projects looked like great and appealing projects. The booth looked like a great success. I was only able to speak to Carol a few moments before trying to prevent a meltdown. Meltdown averted but I did not get back to Carol.


  2. Did you stop by the DSC booth? At one point it was so busy so I hope I wasn’t freaking out. But I understand about the age factor. My boys are older and the loved it! Did you talk to Carol W?


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