The Wasp Bag


My latest project is the Wasp Bag pattern by machen/machen.

I  had enough remaining fabric from the two year camera bag to make my sister another bag and she chose this really cute one.


The pattern instructions were pretty easy for the most part, though the pocket opening ended up with an exposed seam. With a little reworking I got the pocket corrected and this bag was done up in a snap.


I found the process for pressing and pinning to match up the tear drop shape on the handle pieces very tedious and inaccurate. I would recommend that you just sew that portion, turn, and then line up the straight edges of the handles for topstitching following her instructions. I think you would get a much nicer finish to that part of the bag.

2 thoughts on “The Wasp Bag

  1. Hi! Nice, wasp bag. I really like this bag. But I am having trouble with the pocket….Do you have more details on how you did it?
    (thank you)


    1. Patricia, your really testing my memory now. I usually keep good notes on my projects but not on this one. I thought I followed the directions but when I turned the bag right side out there was an exposed seam where the pocket meets the inside black band. I don’t remeber exactly how I had the pocket attached other than it was wrong and I had to pull stitching out for the part that meets below the band. To fix it, I essentially have a slit pocket where one side of the pocket is sewn to the edge of the black inside band, just below the snap in my pic. The opposite side of the pocket is sewn to the interior black lining. To accomplish this, I turned the bag inside out again. The sides and bottom of your pocket should be sewn at this point and the top edges are what you’ll be working with. I pinned one upper edge of the pocket right sides facing with the raw edge of the band, stitching that seam and backstitching at the begining and end. Then, again, pinning right sides facing for the other side of the pocket to the bag lining. Stitching and backstitching.
      I hope this helps a little.


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