Crochet necklace tutorial by mahlicadesigns

I thought I’d make a quick and easy crochet necklace for a girlfriend’s birthday.

Here’s how to do it.

Supplies: Bernat Matrix trellis yarn or similar. Size J or similar crochet hook. One coordinating button. Scissors.

Measure out a 12 inch tail of your yarn and then make your slip knot to begin your crochet. Simply chain stitch for 15 inches. Keeping your hook in the last chain, measure out another 12 inches and cut your yarn. Pull your 12 inch yarn tail through your last loop to secure your chain and remove your hook. Repeat this process to make three strands for your necklace.

Group your three strands together and make a knot at the beginning and end of your chains.

To make a closure, we will add the button and create a loop. Thread one side of your yarns through your button. I had no problem fitting three yarns through a standard button. Now drape your necklace around your neck to a length you would like and adjust the button along the yarns to fit at the back of your neck. Make a couple knots to secure your button and trim the excess yarn. For the loop, measure the length of your yarns to match up to your button side, make a loop around your button to make sure it will fit and knot off your loop. Trim your excess yarn.

One thought on “Crochet necklace tutorial by mahlicadesigns

  1. I’m wearing this necklace right now. It’s perfect because baby Levi can tug on it and it doesn’t hurt my neck. I also highly dislike heavy necklaces!


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