The Split Front Skirt by mahlicadesigns

The Split Front Skirt is here… after much rumination.


I pretty quickly assembled the skirt and then set it aside once I got to the peak seam at the bottom. I added a lining in a lightweight pink cotton that was to be the peak of color through the opening I left in the front seam. The pink lining was too light and just looked like a slip showing by mistake or bad taste.

So the skirt was on hold while I auditioned more pinks, decided if I was going to insert a godet or ruffles into the lining in the new color, and if I was going to make a top to go along with this.

Well last night I was just fed up at looking at the sad stack of the unfinished project. Decision time. I chose a pink print, a godet as the insertion, and to forget about making a coordinating top.

Then to wrap things up I used a new-to-me technique from the recent edition of Threads Magazine to attach the lining to the zipper opening in the back. Essentially the raw edges are staggered, so the lining is offset from the zipper to avoid it catching in the teeth.

All done…right.  Well, not quite. With the lining, the bottom really flared out looking quite trumpet like.

As a final update I cut out the bottom portion of the lining and inserted the godet into the split front of the denim.

Pretty cute, I think. I love the pockets and the peak of color at the hem.

Coming soon to my etsy store.


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