The H-I Def Cuff by mahlicadesigns

I can’t bear to toss my scraps, so I’m constantly on the look out for ideas to use them up. I really like the idea of making cuffs to use up small pieces and experiment with new techniques. In my first go at making a cuff I used Leigh Ann Tennant’s Alter Ego cuff pattern to combine the H and I shapes to interlink into an interesting under over effect.

After sewing and turning each piece, I top stitched the “H” shape. I then layered the pieces and top stitched the “I” piece attaching it to the “H” piece at the corners at the same time. This took a little maneuvering to hold the “H” piece out of the way as I top stitched the middle portions of the “I”.

Finally, I attached two snaps for closures. You can see in this pic how the topstitching of the “I” piece caught the “H” piece at the corners.

  I’ll be adding the H-I Def cuff to my Esty store.

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